Asylum and Immigration Act

All applicants are required to indicate if they require a work permit or visa to take up a post at Imperial College London. A copy of the Asylum and Immigration Act is available on request or can be viewed at the Home Office website).

Data Protection Act 1998

Your decision to submit an application via the Imperial College London online recruitment system gives the College the right, under the Data Protection Act 1998, to process the information that you have given, including data of a sensitive nature, for processes relating to your application which have been notified to the Offices of the Information Commissioner. Any processing of the data will be in accordance with the College's Data Protection Policy and the processing principles set out in the Act.

You confirm that the information and details provided, and other information relating to your formal application for employment, are correct. You understand that any false information or misrepresentation would result in your application being disqualified or, if appointed, could lead to your dismissal without notice.

You agree that your application and associated information may be provided to those you nominate as referees, and for academic vacancies to those referees who are nominated by the Faculty/Business School. You also agree that it may be necessary to disclose personal and sensitive data between relevant organisations during the recruitment and selection process, and during your employment, e.g. with local NHS Trusts, only where it is necessary to do so.