New Casual Workers

If you wish to be set up as a new casual worker, please speak to the supervisor for the role.

This will be the module leader for Teaching Assistant roles (e.g. GTA / UTA), or the Academic or Team Manager for Research, Admin., or Technical Support roles. 

Your supervisor will need to complete the relevant form (below) to request that you are set up as a casual worker. 

Support Teams

The Department Administrative teams will be able to help you be set up and obtain payment for the work completed. The relevant teams are as follows, according to the type of work to be completed:

Type of WorkSupport Team
Exam Invigilation Undergraduate Office - 

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Postgraduate Administrator - 

Undergraduate Office - 

Research, Admin. & Technical Support Research & Finance Team - 


Rules around becoming a Casual Worker

  1. You MUST not begin work until you have completed a right to work check, and had confirmation from the Casual Worker team that work may begin. 
  2. Students with a T4 Student visa and those actively completing studies during their normal term time MUST not exceed 20 hours per week of work.
  3. Salary levels are set by the College and you will be paid a rate commiserate for the work to be completed. 
  4. Timesheets must be submitted by the last working day of the month worked. Payment will be made on the 24th of the month following the timesheet submission (i.e. you will be paid in retrospect).
  5. You will not receive paid holiday leave, however an uplift will be applied to your hourly rate to allow you to take days off.
  6. Enrolment to the pension scheme may occur if you exceed the current threshold for a single month. Pension membership will then continue every month thereafter. Research workers will typically be enroled to the USS pension. All other workers will typically be enroled into the SAUL pension.
    1. Current Pension Threshold: Workplace Pensions
    2. College Pension Schemes: Pension scheme information