The introduction to ME4 Lecture

This will take place on 11 June 2024 where each of the AA modules will be introduced.

Mech-Eng Survey

Please read the information on this page carefully and submit your choices via the ME Survey

In year 4, in addition to your Final Year Project (worth 25 ECTS), you take an Advanced Application (AA) Module (worth 10 ECTS).

Advanced Application Module

For your AA Module, you must choose one of the following modules:

  • Aircraft Engine Technology
  • Future Clean Transport Technology
  • Metals Processing Technology
  • Mechanical Transmissions Technology

You will then also select five electives, worth 5 ECTS each. A maximum of two of these can be Interdepartmental Exchange (IDX) modules, but it is not a requirement to select any IDX modules.

Choosing your Electives

IDX modules

IDX modules

IDX modules are timetabled on Fridays.

The Inter-Departmental Exchange (IDX) page can answer questions, show the term they run and whether they are AM or PM, and also includes module descriptors.

Other departments do not provide any further information on their modules. All departments open their module selection window at different times and some don’t use DSS either. So, for now, just choose those IDX modules via the ME Survey and we will do the rest.

Choosing electives

Mech-Eng Electives

There are some modules that have exams timetabled at the same time and they cannot be chosen together. The ME4 Module Selection Guide outlines which modules this affects. It also highlights which modules have prerequisites.

Full list of electives available:

Computational Continuum Mechanics B
Embedded C for Microcontrollers B
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering B
Finite Element Analysis and Applications B
Fluid Mechanics 3B
Fracture Mechanics B
Introduction to Nuclear Energy B
Manufacturing Technology and Management B
Mathematics B
Statistics B
Structure, Properties and Applications of Polymers B
Tribology B
Machine Dynamics & Vibrations B
Mechatronics 3B
Thermodynamics 3B
Stress Analysis 3B
Advanced Control
Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers
Applied Vibration Engineering
Combustion Safety and Fire Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Design, Art and Creativity
Energy Systems
Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics
Interfacing and Data Processing
Introduction to Robotics
Nuclear Reactor Physics
Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
Machine Learning
Advanced Stress Analysis
Sustainable Engineering Design

IDX modules:

Applications of Fluid Dynamics (Aero)
Biomaterials for Bioengineers (Bioeng)
Optimisation (EEE)
Modelling and Control of Multi-body Mechanical Systems (EEE)
Nuclear Materials (Materials)
Human Neuromechemical Control and Learning (Bioeng)
Sustainable Electrical Systems (EEE)
Advanced Optimisation (EEE)

Students on the Nuclear Engineering stream

If you are on the MEng in Mechanical with Nuclear Engineering stream (H3H8 or H3G2) the following Level 7 modules are compulsory:

  • Nuclear Materials 1
  • Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
  • Nuclear Reactor Physics

You will then select just two additional modules.

H3H8/H3G2 only elective:

Nuclear Fusion (MATE)