Group leader


Research fellows

  • Professor JG Williams (Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Investigator)
  • Professor FJ Guild (Visiting Professor) 
  • Dr DJ Carolan

Research assistants

  • Dr R Zhang

PhD students

  • Mr SB Mohd Yasin
  • Mr W Fan
  • Mr JS Terry
  • Ms S Rivers


  • Dr AE Tarrant
  • Dr JH Lee
  • Dr RD Mohammed
  • Dr RD Brooker
  • Dr J Sohn Lee
  • Dr K Masania
  • Dr TH Hsieh
  • Dr J Thei
  • Dr S Awang Ngah
  • Dr NC Schellmann
  • Dr J Balan Babu
  • Dr M Brett
  • Dr I Giannakopoulos
  • Dr SH Lee
  • Dr J Chen
  • Dr M Techapaitoon
  • Dr HM Chong
  • Dr WL Tsang
  • Dr T Khaleque
  • Dr X Deng
  • Dr SN Tsai
  • Dr S Kopsidas
  • Dr FS Sorce
  • Dr S He


There are vacancies for PhD students are who eligible for EPSRC Awards. The awards cover tuition fees and provide a bursary to cover living expenses.

Imperial College also offers scholarships, and more information is available from:

Prospective students who are self-funded, through a scholarship or personal resources, are also welcome to apply.

Applications are invited from candidates with a degree in engineering, chemistry, materials science or physics.

The successful applicants will join an active group, which is well equipped with extensive experimental and theoretical facilities.

For further details please e-mail:

Dr Ambrose Taylor -