Dr Sonjoy PremiI did a Physics degree back in 1979, then owing to a strong interest in electronics and computing I stayed at Imperial, switching departments to Mechanical Engineering.

At Imperial, I did a PhD in Robotics and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stayed on to do a post doc for a year, then I decided to go out into the big wide world of commercial computing, starting at Logica where I worked as a consultant.

I progressed through various consultancies, working in the UK and abroad in Europe and the US. Now, I have my own consulting company, advising leading companies including British Petroleum and British Airways on how to best utilize IT.

I think Imperial gives you an excellent education, whatever industry you want to work in; it’s helped me set up a good career.

Although I didn’t stick to mechanical engineering I’m still in a related field and I think that whatever you learn here you can take it in different directions. It was great fun as well.

"I think Imperial gives you an excellent education"