"Mechanical Engineering offers great flexibility to explore a diverse range of disciplines within the engineering realm"

Why did I choose to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering? Personally, pursuing this degree is a means to developing the skills and knowledge I need in order to Yan Leedeliver creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems. Since I was young, I have always had a keen eye on the underlying mechanisms behind engineering design. I dismantled several home appliances, ranging from a remote-controlled car to a television set, in order to understand those mechanisms. Moreover, I have chosen to pursue this Mechanical Engineering degree at Imperial College simply because Imperial is well renowned for practical and hands-on projects.

It is without saying that this course can be challenging. There is a constant demand for a tremendous amount of dedication to the work that we do. However, it can also be very rewarding. Throughout my time at Imperial, I have worked on various projects with teammates that originate from all corners of the globe. These experiences have not only enhanced my technical capabilities but also widened my perspective on problem-solving and immensely improved my communication skills.

Surprisingly, the most important thing that I have learnt throughout this course is not the enormous amount of technical skills that I have gained, but those that are categorised as competency-based skills, particularly, time management and the ability to cope with a huge amount of pressure. At Imperial, there are plenty of tasks for an individual to juggle around. This ranges from attending a lecture or tutorial session to independent studies and extra-curricular activities. I am grateful to have developed these skills through the hardships at Imperial, as I am now able to effectively execute many tasks.

For prospective students who are exploring their undergraduate options, my advice is to make an informed decision in selecting your degree. While this is not for everyone, Mechanical Engineering offers great flexibility to explore a diverse range of disciplines within the engineering realm (i.e. mechatronics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing technologies and many more), as well as a chance to specialise in one of them at a later stage. The degree also opens many doors to many different industries.

For those who are going to embark on your amazing journey in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, there will be a time that you will find yourself stuck in an overwhelming situation. But don’t forget, you are not alone! The department is well-equipped to aid you through your journey; however, you would need to be brave to reach out for support when required, your tutors and the undergraduate officers are there for you.

As for my future career, there are still many areas that I am curious to explore and apply the skills that I have gained throughout my undergraduate degree. However, I am most likely to return to my home country and pursue a career in engineering upon the completion of my studies.