NHLI students enrolled on a PhD or MD(Res) programme have the opportunity to work as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) within the department.  Working as a GTA provides you with an opportunity to broaden your experience at Imperial and develop further skills.

Roles and Responsibilities

A GTA will contribute to a variety of activities within or across BSc and MSc programmes within the NHLI, including: 

  • Teaching: study groups, lab demonstrations, journal clubs and drop-in sessions
  • Lectures
  • Marking coursework
  • Second marking exams
  • Invigilating 

More information can be found on the Graduate School pages on Graduate Teaching Assistants

GTAs are used in these roles to delivery our Postgraduate Taught pogrammes: 

·       PG Genomic Medicine  

·       PG Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells 

·       PG Allergy 

·       PG Cardiovascular and Respiratory Healthcare 

·       PG Medical Ultrasound 

·       BSc Cardiovascular Sciences 

·       BSc Remote Medicine 

·       BSc Translational Respiratory Medicine 


Payment for GTA work is given at either a lower, standard, or higher rate depending on the type of activity. NHLI pay rates are below.

GTA Payment rates

Pay Rate

2023/24 hourly rate

Description of task


£18.48 from 1st Aug 2023

  • First/second marking (numerical only)  

  • Lab demonstration

  • General administration (e.g. Panopto; campus tours) 


£22.74 from 1st Aug 2023

  • First/second marking (inc. feedback for individual assessments) 

  • Tutorial /teaching session support (preparation and delivery only; not creating materials for the tutorial/ session) 


£30.41 from 1st Aug 2023

  • Development of teaching materials (e.g. questions, tasks for tutorials/teaching sessions and delivering them)   

NHLI rates from Aug 2023. Updated 09 August 2023. 

Remuneration Rates for GTA at NHLI

Although the College’s employment policy states that full time students should not work more than 10-15 hours per week, the Graduate School recommends that GTAs should not teach more than 6 hours per week.  However, we recognise that GTAs may some times be involved in teaching which only lasts for a short period of time, but exceed the weekly limited such as fieldwork, lab weeks etc. Tier 4 students are reminded that they are legally not allowed to work more than twenty hours per week.

More information on cutoff and payroll dates can be found here.


To be considered for GTA roles, please complete this short application form.

We will circulate all relevant opportunities throughout the 2023/24 academic year to those who complete this form.

Please note that most GTA opportunities within the NHLI will require to you meet with the relevant academic team and/or participate in briefings or training. You will be paid for your time. The College requires that any doctoral student wishing to undertake GTA work must have permission from their supervisor(s) prior to teaching. 

GTAs must also register with the College as casual workers for remuneration. This will be organised with the NHLI Education Team, prior to approved GTA work. 

Please contact Jennifer Haley (j.haley@imperial.ac.uk)regarding any NHLI GTA queries.