Intro to R imageThis is a command based course, not related to any specific area of research. 

No experience or previous knowledge to R is required to attend this course. This program will go through the basics in R including types of objects, subsetting from data and data input and output methods.

For a more in depth course on programming we provide Introduction to Programming Using R.

For an extended Introductory R course, we offer a two-days course "Foundations in R" : Firstly introducing participants to the basics of R, prior to progressing to the use of widely popular tidyverse package for data management and manipulation and data visualisation using ggplot2 package.

Course Tutor: Krupa Shukla

This course has been approved by the Royal College of Physicians for 6 CPD credits.

Course Content

  • Understanding R
  • Getting started with R - Command prompt, R Working directory
  • The R Objects – Vectors, matrices and factors
    • Attributes
    • Subsetting from R Objects
    • Handling Missing values
    • Manipulating and handling Data
  • Lists and data.frames
  • R Environment - R Workspace and R History
  • Input and output
    • Reading and Writing Data
    • Scripts and Source
  • Getting basic statistics of data
  • Data visualisation using R Graphs
  • R packages
    • Setting Repositories, Installing and updating packages
  • Basic Programming components
  • Writing functions


Early Bird rate is available for up to 4 weeks before the session runs.

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Fees and dates for 2023-2024

Course Fees


£270.00: Imperial College only.

£414.00: External rate.


£300.00: Imperial College only.

£460.00: External rate

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  • Tuesday 10 October 2023
  • Wednesday 10 January 2024-ONLINE
  • Tuesday 07 May 2024
  • Wednesday 10 July 2024

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Time and Location

The course will run face-to-face with an option to join via Microsoft Teams. 

Exact details will be sent a week prior to the course date