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Delivering success

The Research Project Management team has a strong track record of delivering programmes from initiation and proposal - to operational delivery, promotion and conclusion. 

The Research Project Management team undertake project management, dissemination and communications for large collaborative research projects led by Imperial College London’s academics.

Our experienced team use a proven project management framework to manage and deliver results, quickly and effectively. We go on to promote your work, to ensure maximum exposure.

We have successfully secured and are delivering major EU and government-funded research projects of up to £22m, over 5 years with 20 plus partners.

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The current situation is uncertain and in a constant state of flux. However as President Alice Gast has repeatedly affirmed, “Imperial is, and will remain, a European university”. The Research Project Management office encourage and we support coordination by Imperial researchers to continue to apply for European research funding.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr Radu Rautiu.

The following is information for those involved in existing Horizon2020 awards and for those looking to apply for future Horizon2020 awards.

For existing grants

Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit process, the UK government has committed to underwrite payments of Horizon 2020 awards.

In a ‘deal’ scenario, nothing will change for existing EU grant holders and those whose grants are due to begin. Funding from the European Commission will continue for the full duration of the grant.

In a ‘no deal’ scenario, the government’s underwrite guarantee, administered by UKRI, will apply to existing EU grant holders and those whose grants are due to begin, including ERC and Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions. Funding will continue.

For new grants

In a ‘no deal’ scenario, the government has committed to underwriting Horizon 2020 funding for all successful UK bids submitted before exit, even if they are notified of their success after exit, for the lifetime of the projects.

Under a no deal, UK researchers would be able to apply to and participate in all Horizon 2020 calls open to third country participants after the UK leaves the EU. The UK government has committed to funding UK participants’ funding in these calls for the full duration of their projects, even if they last beyond 2020.

This information has been taken from Imperial’s FAQs page for staff on Brexit. Please go to this page for further information on EU research funding at Imperial, including Horizon2020.

For the latest news on Brexit, please visit the Imperial and the European Union page.

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We had the absolute privilege to support EDEN2020 and PERFORM2020, our EU-funded research projects, as they exhibited at The Great Exhibition Road Festival.

We put together a short video of each: 
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