The Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) provides several self-help solutions to fix common timetabling issues. 

Before continuing to complete the Troubleshoot a Timetabling Issue Form (Raise a Ticket) , please check you are able to access your timetable via Timetable Calendar and that your data appears correctly in the Timetabling Dashboard.

Troubleshoot a timetable issue - FAQ

Can't see events in the future... Publication Windows

Departments can choose the publication window that Staff and Students can view their timetables through Celcat iCalendar (Pull Feed) and Timetabler AutoCalEx Direct (Push Feed).

Publication Windows affects the individual Staff or Student based on the Department on their record. Therefore, if a group includes Students from more than one Department, the Students may see more or less dependent on their own department's Window, even though they are on the same event.

Check the Publication Window for your Department on the Timetabling Dashboard and view the full year via Timetable Calendar.

When will I be able to see my timetable?

The College aims for timetables to be as fair as possible and to publish personalised timetables as accurately and early as possible. In order to see a complete personalised timetable several things must have taken place;

  • New students have completed online enrolment and confirmed modules
  • Returning students have confirmed modules
  • Your department has updated student data in the Timetabling system

You need to check your department general office when the timetable will be published. Find here the departmental contacts


Link Blocks

Troubleshoot a timetable issue - FAQ

How to add a Timetabler iCalendar Link for a Resource

Select the room you wish to view in your outlook calendar. 

A dialog box will appear: “Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?” > Select Allow > “A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer” > Select Allow

To name the room in Outlook you will need to select the advanced button on the “Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates” dialog box.  This only needs to be done once.

The content of my timetable appears to be incorrect

View your timetable via Timetable Calendar to ensure the issue isn't related to the data you are receiving to your device. Clear your cache and refresh your browser to check the data is up to date. If using Timetable iCalendar Feed (Pull), remove the link and re-subscribe. This will ensure that any issue with the subscription is fixed. 

Use the Timetable Dashboard to check the teams, groups and modules you are associated with via your timetabling staff and/or student record.