Imperial Garden Party

         Food with people around                                 

The Imperial Garden Party is an annual event which celebrates all staff and students who have been nominated by their  managers, peers and colleagues for their vital contributions to the College over the last year.  It also recognises staff who have supported important projects, provided excellent service and taken on new challenges.

Invitations will be sent to staff and students who have been recognised for internal achievement in the last year (President’s Awards for Excellence, Provost’s Awards, Imperial College Medals, Student Union Prizes and those nominated for the Garden Party itself).

Please click the link to see a copy of the Imperial Garden Party booklet, which includes a list of attendees from the 2019 event and their achievements.

The next Imperial Garden Party will take place on Tuesday 16 June 2020 (directly after the President's Awards ceremony). The Garden Party nominations will open on Monday 2 December 2019 and close on 7 February 2020. Click on the "How to Nominate" button in the side bar above to put through a nomination.