• Cortexica Vision Systems Ltd:
    Technology for brand visibility management

  • Dynamic Therapeutics Ltd:
    Devices to deliver improved long-term oxygen therapy using intelligent feedback control.

  • HeliSwirl Technologies Ltd:
    SMAHT (small amplitude helical technology) devices, which increase the efficiency of industrial fluid flows.

  • Hydra Polymers Ltd:
    Branched architecture polymeric materials to aid product efficacy, function and environmental profiles.

  • Medermica Ltd:
    Diagnostic and sensor technology development for laboratory and healthcare applications.

  • Orthonika Ltd:
    Soft tissue replacements for the knee.

  • Veryan Medical Ltd:
    Design and manufacture of novel implantable vascular grafts and stents.

  • Visbion Ltd:
    Software and hardware for acquiring, storing, archiving and displaying medical images.

  • Pathfinder Medical:
    Minimally invasive technologies for cardiovascular disease and dialysis for diabetics.

  • SERG Technologies Ltd:
    Prosthetic Control Interfaces for Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Spyras:

    Innovative technology and cloud-based respiratory analysis.

  • Unhindr:
    Adaptable prosthetic sleeves that change shape over time to fit an amputee’s stump.

  • Accunea:
    Acute kidney injury detection and transplant assessment.

  • BioMEX:
    Wearable tech for knee rehabilitation.

  • Signatur Biosciences:
    Multiplexed genetic signature disease detection.

  • Lympha Motus:
    Implantable device to prevent lymphedema.

  • Veryan Medical:
    Vascular stent.

  • GripAble:
    Stroke rehabilitation technology.

  • Phaedrus World Medical: 
    RELAVENT Ventilator for ambulances and low and middle-income country markets. 

  • Respire Diagnostics:
    Breath sensor for disease detection