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Please find the current timetable in the Timetabler Calendar 
Information and troubleshoot on this link: Timetabling information
For the most up-to-date departmental information, please visit the Welcome to the Department of Bioengineering Blackboard Page.

Coursework deadlines

In response to student feedback,  the Department provides coursework deadline information both online and in iCal version, so you can either add the deadlines to your personal calendar or view them online. Remember, deadlines from other departments are not included.

Online view - all programmes


iCal Coursework deadlines for your calendar or mobile device

Instructions for iCal coursework deadlines


Please note that the below guidance is applicable to exams run by the Department of Bioengineering only.

Students who are taking exams in other departments (Business School, Computing, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Horizons, Materials and Mechanical Engineering) are advised to contact the relevant department directly as they may have their own procedures.

 You are expected to check exam timetables for modules that you might be taking in other departments on your own initiative. If you discover a clash with an exam from another department then please inform the Student Office (RSM 3.21c) straight away.


You should read the following documents produced by the College:

  1. College’s instructions for exam candidates
  2. College’s policy on student academic integrity, assessments and examinations


All exams are currently being conducted remotely. Please refer to the Blackboard and email instructions given by the department of the module in the lead-up to the exam. 

Watch this video that explains the process of Timed Remote Assessments (TRAs).


Time-limited Remote Assessment guidelines

How to submit an online MCQ assessment ‌‌

How to submit a written TRA in Wiseflow

TRA summary document

If you require additional time for exams, or have other special additional requirements due to disability, it is important that you make an appointment with the College’s Disability Advisory Service (DAS) in order to have your needs assessed. DAS must assess you even if you have previously had exam arrangements or other adjustments in place at school or another university.  Please contact DAS as soon as possible as it can take time to be assessed and for adjustments to be put in place.  If you have any questions, please contact our Departmental Disability Officer (Dr Sandra Roscoe:


The weighting of all exams and coursework is stated in your programme handbook and the programme regulations.


The College academic and examination regulations can be found here.

All exams, coursework and projects are marked by relevant members of academic staff. The marking procedure is regulated with strict marking guidelines. Once first marking and second marking has been completed the marks are considered at the Board of Examiners, which will determine the formal grade. For final year undergraduates and postgraduates, the overall degree classification will be determined. Your degree classification will be based on the programme regulations, which can be found in your handbook or on the ‘Programme information’ pages of the website.

Results for undergraduate students will be released around the first week in July by the department following the Board of Examiners. Formal results will be made available on your student e-service account by the Registry from August (Roughly one month after the department releases their results).

Results for postgraduate students will be released at some point in August. These will be provisional, pending confirmation by the Board of Examiners, which means in mid-October. Formal confirmation for the degree outcome including the breakdown of results will be made available on your student e-service account by the Registry in November.

Please see the website for further information about transcript availability for all students.

In compliance with College policy, it is not possible to view exam scripts. This is explained here

“Under the GDPR data subjects have no right of access to their scripts, once submitted to their examiners, at any time. The College is under no obligation, therefore, to make available either the actual scripts or copies of them.”


Arithmetic mark check can be requested by filling up this form: Application for Arithmetic Marks Check


Please familiarise yourself with the college plagiarism information prior to your first assessments, to ensure you are aware of what constitutes plagiarism.

The Department is not responsible for handing appeals. You must go through the Registry and further information on this can be found here.

Competency standards

These competency standards highlight the core skills students should be able to demonstrate by the end of their programme of study in the Department of Bioengineering. In addition to these competency standards, all students will be expected to meet the basic academic competency standards contained within the admissions policy for their programme of study. 

Competency standards



Mitigating circumstances claims are now managed through the online form. If you would believe that mitigating circumstances are affecting your studies at Imperial, please follow the link below to submit your claim:

Mitigating Circumstances form‌

Please see the below for further reading about mitigating circumstances: