Working with our researchers

Research collaboration

The Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College is one of the world’s leading research centres in a rapidly growing subject area.

Our work includes the engineering of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, orthopaedics and the musculoskeletal system more generally, neuroscience and neurotechnology, machine learning, bioelectronics, cancer research, biocompatible materials, regenerative medicine, cell mechanics and the cardiovascular system and synthetic biology. We have collaborated successfully with a range of companies across the world.

We can offer you new ideas and cutting edge science and world leading academics in a range of bioengineering fields. Our research pages give a comprehensive picture of our work.


The Department of Bioengineering has expertise in a wide range of areas relating to Bioengineering. If your company needs help in developing a new device or technology, testing or analysis, or if you need help in developing R&D strategy, or in horizon scanning or if you need expert advice or an expert witness then we could help.

You can contact Robert Ferguson to discuss you requirements:

Robert Ferguson
Indusrial Liaison Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 6371

Or you can go directly to Imperial Consultants.

Training/executive education

The Department is keen to share its expertise with our industry partners and is planning a range of training courses over the coming months in a series of 1-2 day courses.


Medical Device Development

This one day course cover is the essentials of the European regulatory regime for medical device development. Factoring in the regulatory process in an early stage of your development process could save you considerable time and money.

This course is aimed at managers and entrepreneurs who are new to the regulatory framework covering medical devices.

Entrepreneur Boot camp

A one day course for anyone interested in setting up a medical devices company. The focus of this day will be on finding funders, finding out what funders look for and securing funding.

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs in the early stages of med tech ventures.

Biocompatible Materials

This is a time of rapid innovation in biocompatible materials. What new materials are available for medical technology, what are their advantages and disadvantages, what technical challenges do they bring.

More details will be available shortly but if you have any questions please contact Robert Ferguson.

Further courses

Please let us know what sorts of courses you would like to see us offer. What technical and business skills would help your grow your business? If you have any ideas please email or telephone:

Robert Ferguson
Indusrial Liaison Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 6371