Photo of Dr Jang-Ah Kim using equipment and wearing PPE in the lab

Postdoctoral research fellowships

↠ Relevant fellowships

These are the relevant fellowships of which we are currently aware:

Fellowships typically provide a great opportunity to build and enhance a researcher's career.

 ↠ Application process

To obtain the support of the Department of Bioengineering, the applicant should send their proposal along with all the material requested by the sponsor (except the detailed costing), as well as a CV to

  • There are 3 deadlines per year; Spring, Summer and August. The applicant should apply before one of the three deadlines which are at least 6 weeks before the sponsor deadline.

  • If the applicant is shortlisted, the applicant will be interviewed on the following date: 30th July.

  • If the applicant receives the support of the Department, that will leave at least two weeks for the applicant to revise their proposal with comments from the Department and to do a full costing.

  • If mentors are needed for the sponsor’s call, the applicant should contact their potential mentors directly. This will need to be done before the Department deadline.