Below are the list of project associated with the Biomedical Sensing Diagnostics and Imaging theme. Please note that some projects are in collaboration with other themes.

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Lab Based

SupervisorProject Title
Prof Martyn Boutelle Microfabricated multimodality probes for minimally invasive monitoring the brain
Prof Molly Stevens Developing innovative biomaterials for regenerative medicine, advanced therapeut‌ics and biosensing
Prof Jimmy Moore Jr MRI phantom to enable imaging of lymphatic vessels
Dr Andrew Shevchuk, Dr Kambiz Alavian Understanding the role of mitochondrial metabolic efficiency in synaptic transmission
Dr Barry Seemungal Use of electrophysiological and structural markers of inter-hemispheric connectivity to model the beneficial effect of noisy galvanic vestibular stimlation upon postural control
Dr Christopher Rowlands A New Head Mounted Display Concept: Virtual Reality in a Pair of Sunglasses
Dr Christopher Rowlands Advanced Microscopy for Everyone
Dr Christopher Rowlands Analysing hyperspectral oncological images using cutting-edge data processing
Dr Christopher Rowlands AstroTIRF: Pinning light to a surface
Dr Christopher Rowlands Building a next-generation scanning microscope
Dr Christopher Rowlands Detecting bioweapons with stand-off Raman spectroscopy
Dr Christopher Rowlands Diagnosing Disease with Speedy-Scanning Raman Readout
Dr Christopher Rowlands Dynamic Dichroic Mirrors - making reprogrammable optical filters for stand-off chemical imaging
Dr Christopher Rowlands High-precision LEGO photonics
Dr Christopher Rowlands Next-Generation Drug Synthesis: Optimizing bioreactors with lasers
Dr Christopher Rowlands Speedy Spectroscopy - investigating new ways to speed up vibrational spectroscopy
Dr Christopher Rowlands Towards a Raman-Activated Cell Sorting system for cancer screening
Dr Christopher Rowlands Virtually Microscopic - building a virtual-reality interface to complex microscopic data
Dr Christopher Rowlands Watching Sound - creating a new technique for stand-off ultrasound imaging
Dr Rylie Green Neonatal EEG Electrode Cap
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Conducting polymer nanowire and graphene based transistors on paper and PDMS for‌ ultradense ECoG (Electrocorticography) arrays‌
Dr Rylie Green, Dr Bogachan Tahirbegi Fabrication of hybrid electrodes and hydrogels from conductive polymer nanowires, graphene and carbon nanotubes on PDMS for non-invasive imaging
Dr Shlomi Haar, Dr Yen Tai Neurobehavioural biomarkers for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
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Desk Based

SupervisorProject Title
 Dr Choon Hwai Yap Computational Modelling of Cardiac Biomechanics and Tissue Architecture to Understand Heart Failure
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