Molly Stevens Designing materials for ultrasensitive biosensing Lab based Biomedical sensing diagnostics and imaging Projects are available for state of the art biosensing. The project is located in the award winning Stevens group and is tailor designed for individual students.
Molly Stevens Scaffolds for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Lab based Regenerative medicine and biomaterials Background:  Cells are inherently sensitive to their surroundings. Nanostructuring of materials scaffolds can enable the controlled differentiation of stem cells to generate tissues such as bone and cartilage. These materials have huge potential for regenerative medicine.Project Aims:   To develop materials with controlled nanotopography and mechanical properties and to explore the interaction of the materials with stem cells.Pre-requisites:  materials or cell biology experience or interest in multidisciplinary research.The project is located in the award winning Stevens group
Molly Stevens Soft Robotics and Microfabrication Desk based Biomechanics and mechanobiology The project will involve the development of materials for microfabrication techniques such as 3D printing and nanopatterning. These techniques are used to fabricate engineered tissue with complex architectures, microfluidic systems for biosensing and bionic soft robotics. A range of skills will be developed including chemical synthesis, cell biology and microfabrication, and state-of-the-art materials techniques will be used to characterise the materials. The Stevens group is an award-winning multidisciplinary group researching materials-based approaches to tissue engineering and biosensing applications (