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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Research Staff A-Z

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Angelina Aisopou

Daphne Jackson fellow, PhD 
Analytical and experimental investigation of chlorine decay in operational distribution networks. 
Keywords: electrochemical water quality sensors, chlorine decay, distribution networks.
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Suhad Almuktar

Project Coordinator
Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA). 
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Emma Beirns

Research Assistant
Identifying the genes responsible for sulfonamide degradation in Anaerobic Fluidised-bed Membrane Bio-Reactors (AFMBR) and any association to Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer (DIET)
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Stanislava Boscovic

Research Associate, PhD
Improvement of Public Health and Wellbeing in cities through the systematic implementation of new integrated, nature-based technologies.
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Eduardo Rico Carranza

Research Assistant
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Ben Howard

Research Associate, PhD
Water-related hazards, like flooding and water pollution, in cities in the global south, with a particular focus on enabling equitable and effective adaptation. 
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Leyang Liu

Research Associate, PhD
Resilience in Integrated Water Systems (RIWS)
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Liliane Manny

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) postdoc mobility fellow
Keywords: water governance, network analysis
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Laure Sione

Research Associate, PhD
Project: Pathways to Equitable Healthy Cities which aims to advance the science that underpins sustainable urban development and healthier lives. Funded by the UK Wellcome Trust
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Pepe Puchol-Salort

Hoffmann Research Associate in Water Innovation, PhD
Co-creation of innovation and entrepreneurship within the water sector, aiming to identify strategic roadmaps for transformation, ensuring the equitable, efficient, safe, and accessible adoption of novel technologies for all. 
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Thomas Rowan

Research Associate
Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA); Computational hydraulics; infiltration modelling; unsaturated soil mechanics; Hydraulic Ram Pumps
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Shamas Tabraiz

Research Associate, PhD
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Engaging Antibacterial Resistance in Anaerobic Treated Effluents (REGENERATE)
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Will Veness

Research Assistant
Innovation in water monitoring systems for flood and drought resilience
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Aly Joy Ulusoy

Research Associate, PhD
The implementation of optimization methods for the design-for-control of water distribution networks.
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Ziyan Zhang

Research Associate, PhD
Proposing a novel use of the integrated water system model to support the planning application process for new urban developments
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Fluid Mechanics Research Staff A-Z

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Barnaby Dobson

Imperial College Research Fellow, PhD
Keywords: Water resources modelling; Optimization; Uncertainty and systems analysis; 
Project: Integrated urban water cycle modelling for London (as part of the Camellia project)
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Alice Handy

Research Associate, PhD
Keywords: Urban fluid mechanics, building ventilation and pollutant dispersion
Project: SAMHE investigating indoor air quality in schools
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Jingzi Huang

Research Assistant
Keywords: large eddy simulations, urban fluid mechanics, transport.
Effect of urban heterogeneity on atmospheric flow. 
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Dipanjan Majumdar

Research Associate
Turbulence at the Exascale: Application to Wind Energy, Green Aviation, Air Quality and Net-zero Combustion
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Paul Mannix

Research Associate
Project: Prediction and control of stratifications using probabilistic methods (as part of [D*]stratify)
Keywords: Probabilistic methods, Adjoint optimisation, Hydrodynamic stability, Optimisation
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Kat Roberts

Research Associate, PhD
Schools' air quality monitoring for health and education
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Samuel Wood

Research Associate, PhD
Developing models to better understand the role that building ventilation plays in the spread of Covid-19
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Geotechnics Research Staff A-Z

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Stewart Agar

Research Assistant
Remote sensing and analysis of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR)
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Anthony Carpenter

Research Assistant
Structural Analysis with Radar Remote Sensing (StARRS), including the development of machine learning techniques for a ground-based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) system. 
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Ritesh Kumar

Marie Curie Research Fellow
Development of design guidelines for Offshore Wind Turbines under extreme operational conditions.
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Ryan Yin Wai Liu

Research Associate, PhD
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Julia Katharina Möller

Research Associate, PhD
Development of an energy-based constitutive model for sands subjected to cyclic loading
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Fernando Patino-Ramirez

Research Associate, PhD
Development of a burrowing robot capable of measuring the mechanical and chemical properties of the surrounding soil
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Agustin Ruiz Lopez

Research Associate, PhD
SIDeTools: surrogate modelling in geotechnical engineering
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Materials Research Staff A-Z

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Anusha Basavaraj

Research Associate, PhD
Life cycle and Sustainability Assessment of Concrete Systems/ Working in the EPSRC sponsored project (EUREKA: Engineered UK Clays for the Production of Low Carbon Cement)
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Hamed Dabiri

Research Associate, PhD
Structural engineering; High strength permeable concrete pavements; Experimental investigation: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis; Machine learning 
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Sam Draper

Sam Draper

Research Assistant
Carbon sequestration in the built environment

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Jean Noel Djobo Yankwa

Research Associate in Low-Carbon Construction, PhD
Development of methods for processing abundant natural resources and industrial by-products (clay, volcanic rock, lateritic soil, rice husk, etc.) for synthesising low-carbon building materials with tailored properties; Development of technologies out of these materials, for application for insulating or natural cooling of buildings, for energy storage, and for reducing the cost of building infrastructure in low-income countries. 
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Jianhang Feng

Research Assistant
Development of zero-emission cement based on electric arc furnace slag. 
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Hafiz Muhammad Adeel Hassan

Research Associate, PhD
The thermal performance of resilient permeable concrete pavements
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Caitlin Howe

Research Assistant
Manufacture of carbon negative construction products through mineral sequestration of CO2
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Alalea Kia

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, PhD
Permeable concrete; Concrete pavement design; Durability of cement-based materials; Pore structure; Cementitious materials
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 Barnaby Shanks

Barnaby Shanks

Research Assistant
Manufacture of carbon negative construction products through mineral sequestration of CO2

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Adam Mason

Research Assistant
Characterising global material cycles for natural and anthropogenic wellbeing
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Structures Research Staff A-Z

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Qili Fang

Research Associate, PhD
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Stanyslav Grosman

Research Associate, PhD
Nonlinear structural response; Finite element analysis; Robustness assessment; Meta modelling techniques; Masonry structures; Parametric design
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Xi Guo

Research Associate, PhD
Metal 3D printed bolted connections; cold-formed steel structures. 
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Xin Meng

Research Associate, PhD
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Alexandra Renouard

Research Associate, PhD
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Linjie Wang

Research Associate, PhD
Project title: Identifying effective interventions to maintain bone health in lower limb amputees
Keywords: Amputee musculoskeletal modelling and simulation, Bone adaptation, Finite element analysis
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Ruizhi Zhang

Research Associate, PhD 
Testing, simulation and optimisation of additively manufactured steel structures; Resilience of steel framed structures
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Systems Research Staff A-Z

 Leo Hsu

Leo Hsu

Logistics for modularised building systems
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Liliane Manny

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) postdoc mobility fellow
Keywords: water governance, network analysis
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Transport Research Staff A-Z

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Nadine Alam

Research Analyst, (TSC)
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Mamon Alghananim

Research Associate
Autonomous navigation using GNSS and multi sensor integration 
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Richard Anderson

Director of Railway and Transport Strategy Centre (TSC)
Metro operations; Railway engineering; Public transport strategy and planning; Benchmarking and performance; Transport planning; Transport economics; Public transport regulation; Management of international research projects.
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Anupriya Anupriya

Research Associate
Monitoring transportation systems/ networks to understand and anticipate the impact of rare and high consequence events such as COVID; Development and application data science methods and models to big data to identify opportunities for improvement in the operation, planning and design of transportation systems; Development and application of causal inference methods to identify determinants for intervention and forecast impacts.
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Alexander Barron

Associate Director, Head of Metro Benchmarking (TSC)
Public transport benchmarking; Public transport operations; Public transport planning; Bus benchmarking; Metro benchmarking; Suburban rail benchmarking; Urban transport reliability; Benchmarking project management.
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Mateo Bartra

Transport Analyst
Regional and international performance benchmarking of bus and light rail.
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Saloua Benami

Transport Analyst
High-quality benchmarking and case study of international public transport consortia, with a particular focus on BOLTS, the newly founded international light-rail benchmarking group.
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Fatih Canitez

Research Associate (TSC)
Public transport systems; performance management and measurement in public transport systems; urban transport policies; electric bus operations; contracting and governance models in public bus industry.
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Benjamin Condry

Associate Director, Head of Railway Benchmarking (TSC)
Public transport; Railways; Metros; Buses; Benchmarking; Transport economics and management; Transport operations; Transport policy and regulation; Transport planning; Demand forecasting; Reliability.
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Oscar Criado Domenech

Senior Research Associate (TSC)
Asset management; airport benchmarking. 
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Abigail Edgeworth

Senior Transport Analyst
Modernisation of TSC output using sophisticated analytical techniques and visualisations.
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Ahmadreza Faghih Imani

Research Associate
Travel behaviour and demand modeling, Active transportation, Integrated land-use/transport modeling, Urban energy systems​
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Jonathan Itcovitz

Research Assistant
Modelling and validation of contrail formation and evolution; Strategies for the mitigation of contrail climate impacts
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Nicholas Findlay 

Performance Analytics Manager/Senior Research Associate (TSC)
Technical lead for big data analytics and metrics development
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Colin Foley

Senior Research Associate (TSC)
Large-scale transportation improvement programs; Environmental Review for large-scale transportation projects, Alternatives analyses studies; Operational analyses of bus, rail and road projects.
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Daniel Horcher

Research Associate, PhD
The economics of public transport supply; statistical analysis of large-scale automated transport data 
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David Huffaker

Managing Associate
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Sally Kao

Research Associate (TSC)
Metro operation and benchmarking projects
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Tang Li

Research Associate, PhD
Modelling the mixed traffic flow of Autonomous Vehicles and Human-Driven Vehicle, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Stated Preference (SP) experiments, Discrete Choice Models (DCM), Virtual Reality (VR), Urban Railway System and Urban Systems.
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Liang Ma

Research Associate, PhD
Causal impacts of transport interventions on air quality and public health; causal inference; data centric engineering
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Magdalena Misiewicz

Senior Transport Analyst
Benchmarking for the Community of Metros (COMET) group.

Vishnu Mohanakumar Jaya

Senior Transport Analyst
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Lindsey Morse

Research Associate, Benchmarking Manager (TSC)
Public transport benchmarking and best practices; public transport planning; buses.
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Deborah Mundy

Research Associate (TSC)
International benchmarking (metros, suburban railways, buses); Public transport performance analysis and benchmarking; Transport planning; Urban planning.
Email Deborah

Carmen Oleksinski 

Research Associate (TSC)
Benchmarking of transit systems around the world, particularly in the areas of Key Performance Indicators, station design, and customer satisfaction.
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Leandro Parada

Started Nov 2023
Advanced mathematical modeling and efficient algorithms for Port and Maritime operations.
Supervised by: Angeloudis, P.
Email Leandro

Tim Powell

Research Associate (TSC)
Public transport benchmarking projects
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Kethan Reddy

Research Associate, PhD
Evaluating & validating autonomous vehicle safety by generating edge-case scenarios and bridging the simulation-to-reality gap. Currently working on the DeepSafe Project; stakeholders include dRISK, Claytex, rfPro, DG Cities
Email Reddy

Henry Reynolds

Research Analyst - Public Transport
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John Sing-Key

Senior Research Analyst (TSC)
Benchmarking analytics for the International Bus Benchmarking Group (IBBG) and the American Bus Benchmarking Group (ABBG)
Email John

Alice Saunders

Senior Transport Analyst
Community of Metros (COMET) benchmarking group
Email Alice

Roger Teoh

Research Associate, PhD
Aviation and climate change, with the aim to evaluate and mitigate the climate impact of aviation emissions and contrail cirrus
Email Roger 

Mark Trompet

Associate Director, Head of Bus and Light Rail Benchmarking (TSC)
Bus benchmarking program manager (International Bus Benchmarking Group and the American Bus Benchmarking Group; Performance benchmarking methodology; International project management; Urban bus operations; Service regularity; Public transport economics; Public transport regulation and policy.
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Priya Wells

Research Associate
Factors that influence metro success through detailed case studies of 11 major international metro operators.
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Haobo Yang

Senior Research Analyst, (TSC)
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Raphael Yzopt

Transport Analyst
Benchmarking and the diffusion of best practices of different public transport consortia, with a particular focus on GOAL, a forum for light rail agencies in the United States and Canada.

Nan Zhang

Academic Research
Using large-scale transport data to analyse the disruption impact on urban metro systems.
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