The Committee's goals are to

  • Ensure H&S is an integral part in all Department meetings

  • Introduce strong COVID-19 safety policies and process to allow for gradual return to work

  • Provide good communication systems to inform and support staff and students with advice on H&S

  • Increase H&S supervision due to a result of higher student numbers and reduced staff numbers are on site

  • Consider how recent changes and working patterns will require different types of H&S support. 

  • Review risk assessments for all research groups.

Committee membership

Committee Members

Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami  
Masao Takata Division of APMIC
Eric Aboagye  
Joel Abrahams  
Simak Ali  
Fernando Bello Division of Cancer
Heather Combe  
Yoyo Dixon Department of Surgery & Cancer
Daniel Elson  
Steffi Klier  
Helga Koch  
Sukwinder Singh  
Paul Strutton Division of Surgery
Christopher Allan  
Rachael Waddington  
Mike Wilson  
Elsa Paul Department of Surgery & Cancer
Iain Hackford  
Kieran O'Dea  
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