How to apply

1. Identify a supervisor

The first step is to identify a supervisor and research project.  Applications without a named supervisor will not be considered.  Please read through the research interests of our Department.

2. Complete the online application form

All applicants are assessed through an online application process by our admissions team.  A link to the application can be found on the College's Registry pages. If you need guidance to complete the form please see Applying.  

Please note, you must provide referees professional email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail etc. accounts will not be acceptable).  Also, you cannot use your proposed supervisor(s) as a referee. 

3. Enter the correct course code

Course  Attendance mode  Code 
 PhD  FT A3Z1DA 
Clinical Medicine Research (Surgery and Cancer) FT
 PhD  PT A3Z1DA 
Clinical Medicine Research (Surgery and Cancer) PT 
 MD (Res)  FT A3P1DA 
Clinical Medicine Research MD(Res) (Surgery and Cancer) FT  
 MD (Res)  PT A3P1DA 
Clinical Medicine Research MD(Res) (Surgery and Cancer) PT   
PhD or MD(Res) ICL Staff

A3Z1DA Clinical Medicine Research (Surgery and Cancer) PT

A3P1DA Clinical Medicine Research MD(Res) (Surgery and Cancer) PT

*Staff-students must select "Staff Research Students" option on the first page of the application

What happens to my application?

  1. Your application is assessed for eligibility by the medicine admissions team in the College.
  2. Once eligibility has been assessed, the application is forwarded to the Department for consideration.  This will show as “With Department for Consideration” on the Embark system.
  3. Once in the Department, there are two steps to the application.  First of all, the proposed supervisor must confirm that they are happy to offer you a place.  When the supervisor has agreed to this, the application is forwarded to the Head of their Division for approval (e.g. Division of Cancer, Division of Reproductive & Developmental Biology).
  4. Only when supervisor- and Divisional approval is received can your application be accepted by the Department.
  5. The admissions team at College will then process your offer, which may be conditional on you completing certain conditions.

Are you a member of staff?

Staff who are employed by Imperial College also have to complete the online application form. The processes are the same as outlined above. However, you will also need to upload a copy of your current contract with your application.

As a staff member, you are entitled to a discounted rate of fees for the period of time that your contact covers. If your contract does not cover the entirety of your study period, then you will be asked for a new contract when your original one ends. If this cannot be provided, you will revert back to FT student fees.

Please note that staff completing research degrees will be registered as part-time, however, full-time milestones will be followed unless a part-time degree is specifically requested.

Backdating your research is possible to a maximum of three months under two conditions: applications will not be backdated further than your original application date, and applications cannot be backdated across the Census date of 1 December. 

For further information about applying for a research degree as a member of staff, please contact the Senior PG Education Administrator Jennifer Simeon (

Opportunities for funding