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Meet Christine Quinlan, alumni of Imperial's MSc in Surgical Education.

The MEd in Surgical Education is proud to showcase its most valuable assets - its students and alumni. Our current students and alumni contribute to surgical education on a regular basis through teaching, assessing, organising curriculum and doing educational research. Our alumni have taken increasing responsibility in educational leadership roles, in developing themselves as educational scholars, participating in public engagement activities and even playwriting!

Our alumni page aims to highlight the accomplishments of our students and provide greater visibility to the surgical education community and those who are interested in joining it. We will be rotating profiles periodically - please let us know if you are an alum and would like to make a contribution.

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Dean's prize winners

MEd Surgical Education - Sarah Schimansky

What did you most enjoy about your course?
Sarah SchimanskyThe MEd really opened my mind to different aspects of Surgical Education. It has been fantastic learning from and studying with surgeons from different subspecialties and countries.

I particularly enjoyed the broad range of topics that were covered during the face-to-face seminars, lectures, and workshops. The course provided us with access to experts in different fields and unique educational opportunities such as working collaboratively with students from the Royal Academy of Music and discussing performance in high-stress environments with a fighter pilot.

On a practical level, the part-time option allowed me to complete the MEd without interrupting my surgical training.

What did you most appreciate about the Faculty/College?
Everyone has been really enthusiastic about improving and advancing Surgical Education. Using their experience from different backgrounds, they have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into designing and delivering a course with surgical educators in mind. Above all, the Faculty have been very approachable and supportive throughout the course. They adjusted submission deadlines and gave us extra support throughout the pandemic that enabled us to continue learning and to achieve our best despite the new challenges we faced.

How did it feel to receive the Dean's Prize?
Surprised and humbled in equal measures. Completing my Master’s project and dissertation while working in the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic was challenging. The result is really a reflection of the invaluable support and encouragement which I received from the all the Faculty, my supervisor Laura Coates and my fellow MEd students throughout. Most of all, it’s a testament to the generosity of all the study participants who volunteered their time for my research.

What are you doing now/What do you plan on doing after graduation?
I am currently continuing my specialty training in Ophthalmology at the Bristol Eye Hospital. Over the next year, I hope to publish my findings and work with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists to integrate performance-enhancing stress management skills and techniques into surgical simulation training. I also hope to attend my graduation ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall when the pandemic has eased to celebrate with my fellow course mates and Faculty!