Francesca KumCurrent role
Core Surgical Trainee in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery.

Year of completion
2015, whilst working part-time at Guy's Hospital (as a Urology Junior Clinical Fellow).

The most beneficial things about the programme

  • Learning about key concepts about the current trends in surgical education, the basic principles of education and being an educator.
  • Experiencing and participating in the unique Prof Kneebone links to Surgical Education, for example our visit to Central St. Martin's art school.
  • Completing a research project, though only within a few months, gave me a greater awareness of the entire research process, particularly ethics, qualitative research and conducting and analysing interviews.

My main areas of interest in surgical education
Still being formed as I was only post-F2 when completing the course!

The title of my dissertation
How do ENT Surgeons Perceive and Perform their Role in their Patients’ Smoking Cessation?

The most important outcome of my research
Highlighting surgeon-patient communication themes and that sometimes what surgeons feel (smoking cessation should be advised) is not always translated into an action (formal smoking cessation referral).

Since getting my degree, here are some of the things I’ve done in education

  • I presented my preliminary work to the London Cancer Alliance and I will be presenting my work at the European Congress of Head and Neck Oncology (ECHNO) in Istanbul.
  • I hope my research will contribute to the clinical applications of Head and Neck cancer enhanced recovery protocols and be applicable to other specialties (many!) in which smoking is a key risk factor.

Next I'd like to:

  • Explore applications of these themes to other surgical specialties
  • Apply my educational background to furthering surgical education, simulation and research in my chosen surgical specialty - Urology
  • Apply the principles of educational design, feedback etc. when teaching medical students / juniors, even if informal teaching sessions