electronics lab in the basement of the Dyson building, mechatronics lab

Caption: Shared electronics fabrication and testing benches for research.

textile lab in the Dyson building basement

Caption: Textile bench equipped with a Rigol 4-channel oscilloscope and a GW-Instek DC power supply.

billy Wu and Connor Mayant Dyson School of Design Engineering basement Dyson building labs

The Basement labs house the majority of the research facilities in the School an are the the epicenter of cutting-edge research for the Design Engineering department. Primarily accessed by our academic staff and PhD staff students, these labs encompass a diverse range of facilities, from Additive Manufacturing to Battery Testing, Mechatronics, and beyond.

The Basement labs are collectively managed by Rebecca (Becky) Stewart, and can be contacted at r.stewart@imperial.ac.uk. For specific information, please refer to the table below.  


List of Labs

Lab/Space Location Lab Manager
    Additive Manufacturing B01, B13, Dyson Building

Connor Myant

    Battery Testing Lab B06B, Dyson Building

Billy Wu

    Mechatronics Workshop B05, Dyson Building

Andrew McPherson

    Open Testing Area B06, Dyson Building

David Boyle

    Robotics Gantry B06, Dyson Building

Petar Kormushev

    Silicone Processing Workshop B06, Dyson Building

Becky Stewart

   Textiles Workshop B01, Dyson Building

Becky Stewart

    Thermal Processing  B06, Dyson Building

Nan Li