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The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) is the world’s leading professional society for petroleum geoscience, with over 30,000 members worldwide ( The Student Chapter represents the AAPG within Imperial College, and is run by students for students (PhD, MSc and undergraduate), with staff support. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives. Typically the Student Chapter organises a fortnightly evening lecture or social event.

Why you should join

Benefits of joining the AAPG as a student member include subscriptions to the AAPG Bulletin, and the Explorer; discounts on publications, courses, and conferences; and an online database of student resumés. Perhaps most importantly it’s FREE with membership fees being covered by industry sponsorship.

How to join

You can join the AAPG via an online application form. Membership is free if you choose the option to have the AAPG’s sponsor pay your membership dues, although you can elect to pay the dues yourself. 


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