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SPE InternationalWe are a society in charge of promoting the insertion of the students into the world of petroleum engineers.

We do so by holding lectures at the Imperial College, organizing social events, favouring contacts with Oil & Gas companies all over the world, enhancing collaboration with the wider SPE, and most of all, by doing the international field trip in May to give our 50 students a hands-on experience in the oil industry.

What is the SPE?

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.

It offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the profession through their programs and activities and many of our accomplishments are driven by their dedicated members.

Joining the SPE offers many benefits:

  • Belong to a membership of more than 110,000 members in 141 countries and receive recognition for your contributions
  • Receive discounted registration to events and special pricing on books and subscriptions
  • Present technical papers, speak to sections and find leadership and volunteer opportunities
  • Enhance your career with various programs, including eMentoring, Distinguished Lecturer, Training Courses and online communities
  • Receive a subscription to the Journal of Petroleum Technology
  • Automatically qualify to be a member of AAPG and SEG

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  1. To organise, execute and raise funds for a safe, enjoyable and educational international field trip for SPE members studying on the Petroleum Engineering MSc at Imperial College, London.
  2. To enhance collaboration between the SPE Imperial College, London chapter, and the wider SPE community.
  3. To organise social, technical and career events and maximise participation by SPE members.
  4. To raise the national and international profile of the SPE Imperial College, London Chapter and its members.


  1. Ensuring the international field trip is deemed successful by those attending it.
  2. Ensuring safety and responsibity in everything we do.
  3. Use effective project management to ensure success of initiatives held throughout the year.
  4. Use effective team co-ordination.
  5. Track the log of events throughout the year.


  • In the upcoming year, the Imperial College SPE chapter aims to enhance engagement with diverse energy generation and tackle the energy trilemma—balancing energy security, environmental sustainability, and affordability. Our objective is to spearhead initiatives that not only raise awareness but actively involve our community in shaping the future of energy.
  • A key avenue for achieving this vision is through educational initiatives, utilizing platforms like energy4me. The goal is to empower young minds with a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry, fostering a new generation of professionals well-versed in traditional and sustainable energy practices.
  • To facilitate this, we will organize regular knowledge-sharing sessions that bring together industry experts and academia to cover a range of topics, including environmental considerations, health and safety practices, sustainability initiatives, and the integration of data science and analytics in the energy sector. These sessions will serve as a bridge between theory and practice, offering our members first-hand experiences from industry professionals.
  • We also look to explore opportunities to visit industry sites and organize “A day in a life” sessions to give students a first-hand view of what it feels like to be an industry professional.
  • Our overarching goal is to provide a holistic view of the oil and gas industry, emphasizing technical aspects alongside the critical importance of sustainability and innovation. In addition, we recognize the significance of addressing work-life balance in the dynamic energy industry, aiming to prepare our members for successful and fulfilling careers.
  • Together, as the Imperial College SPE chapter, we are dedicated to shaping not only the future of energy but also nurturing a community that is well-informed, inspired, and ready to contribute to a sustainable and balanced energy future.


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