Students working on tablet device looking at Seismic imagesA degree in the geosciences opens up a wide range of career options and a world of exploration. Imperial College London graduates currently have a 94 % employment rate and have average starting salaries that rank among the highest in the country. One of the reasons for this is that scientists are highly skilled. Geoscientists in particular are:

  • Literate and numerate, with a broad scientific knowledge base
  • Critical and integrative thinkers
  • Creative problem solvers, often with incomplete information/data
  • Excellent at combining theoretical and practical work
  • Both team players and independent workers

The range of industry areas our graduates go on to work in is broad, with graduates from Geology, Geophysics or Earth and Planetary Science at Imperial working in:

  • Business
  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Finance, including insurance, risk and commodities
  • Geotechnical and engineering
  • Government and policy
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Scientific research

Our graduates therefore go on to work both inside and outside of the geosciences.

Our Students and Graduates

Annie Mao

Annie Mao - 4th year, MSci Geophysics, having done A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

"As a geophysicist, I enjoy the practical side of my degree the most. Modules such as Global Geophysics and Seismic Techniques illustrate the applications of geophysical theories. We also get to go on a geophysics-focused field trip which is the best field trip of my degree!

At Imperial, there are many opportunities for you to develop academic and personal skills. For example, I took part in the Undergraduate Research Programme Opportunity where I worked with a geochemistry team as a research assistant for 8 weeks in summer.

I’m also involved in many activities in clubs and societies. Taking part in these activities built up my confidence in my time management, teamwork and project development skills. In the summer between my undergraduate study and 4th year MSci programme, I secured an internship with BP as a geophysicist working with a North Sea exploration team.

I highly recommend this course because it is a well-structured programme with supportive lecturers and staff. The Department is an extremely tight community of passionate people who are always friendly."

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James Stringer on a mine site

James Stringer - MSci Geology, having done A-level Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Business Studies

“I am currently working in the mining sector for Northern Star Resources, Australia’s second-biggest gold producer, in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

“The numerous field trips are without a shadow of a doubt, the most memorable times of your Geology degree at Imperial. I was fortunate to travel to nine different countries during my time in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, including Ghana for my MSci project, where I worked and lived on one of the world’s biggest gold mines for six weeks - an experience I will truly never forget. It was this opportunity that ultimately led me to move to Australia to work in this sector after graduation.

The Royal School of Mines (RSM), with its Union for Earth Science and Materials students, is well known for being very social and they have some of the best clubs on offer. I was a member of RSM Football for three years and was fortunate to be a part of the Bottle Match winning team 2019 (arguably my biggest achievement to date!).

I feel I developed into a well-rounded young professional during my time in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering."

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Eliza KarlowskaEliza Karlowska - Graduate, MSci Geophysics with a Year Abroad at UC Berkeley, having studied towards Polish A-level equivalent “matura” exams.

"I took standard level exams such as Polish language/literature, Mathematics and English. I also studied Mathematics, Physics, Geography and English at an advanced level. I never studied in English before but it was relatively easy to adapt during the first term at Imperial.

One of the highlights of the degree were field trips abroad. As a geophysicist with no geology experience, it was amazing to see my knowledge applied in the field. However, I cannot ignore how amazing academic staff are in ESE. We are a small department, so academics know students by their name, which creates a very welcoming environment. I always found my lecturers friendly and eager to help, and there was always support whenever I needed it.

I would absolutely recommend my course to anyone who likes maths, physics and programming. It is an intellectually stimulating programme, with a very welcoming and friendly environment and excellent staff members, always ready to help. The course gives plenty of transferable skills that can be easily used in jobs outside of earth sciences."

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Sam CasementSam Casement - Graduate, MSci Geology, having done A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

"I was somewhat apprehensive coming into the course having no geological experience but I really had nothing to worry about. First year is there to get you all up to the same standard. Many students haven’t studied Geology before, and students who have may not have taken another subject such as maths or one of the sciences. Everyone will fill the gaps in their knowledge. Then, in upper years, you advance into more complex areas which you have been well prepared for, so you can really get the most out of the degree.

My favourite part of the course has to be the fieldwork. During the degree we get to travel to some amazing places, see world-class geology and learn from some of the leading geologists in the world, all whilst being with your friends!

My time at Imperial has been amazing and I could not recommend doing Geology at Imperial enough. You get to combine maths and the sciences into one subject and get to explore the world at the same time! The amount of contact you get with lecturers, who are at all the forefront of their fields, combined with the supportive environment in the Department makes it such an incredible place to learn."

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