Current research projects

Deepwater gravitational fold belts

Read about structure and sediment routing

Phd Students:

  • Gemma Jones: “Influence of active salt tectonics on the development of deepwater slope channel systems, Offshore Angola and Gulf of Mexico”. NERC-CASE award with BP; November 2010-
  • Byami Jolly:  “The interaction between deepwater channel systems and growing thrusts and folds, toe-thrust region of the deepwater Niger Delta” PTDF Nigerian Government Scholarship. November 2010-current

TRACE: Evaluating shale diapirism in petroleum exploration: in the diapric provinces of the Alboran and Caspian Seas.

Spanish Government/Repsol funded project with Professor Juan Soto; University of Granada;

  • PhD student Idaira Santos Betancor

Strike-slip deformation at the Colombian Caribbean plate margin

PhD Student:

  • Pedro Galindo: “Tectonic evolution of the Santa Marta Bay Basin and kinematics of transpressional structures, Colombian Caribbean”.  Colciencias (Colombian Government Scholarship).  October 2011-

Recently completed research projects

Quaternary Ice Sheets in the North Sea

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Completed PhD research projects

Fault-propagation folding in extensional settings: a combined seismic, outcrop and analogue modelling study (PhD; Norsk Hydro): Paul Whipp

  •  The origin and significance of a major rift-related erosional unconformity: the Upper Jurassic Unconformity (UJUNC), Horda Platform, Norwegian Margin (PhD; Norsk Hydro): Andrew McAndrew
  • Subsurface Analysis of Fluvial Sandstone Bodies using well logs and 3D seimsic dataset (PhD; Scholarship); Faisal Alqahtani
  • Sedimentology of Tertiary Deep water Sandstones in NW Sabah, Malaysia: An evaluation of Outcrops in the Paleogene (Oligocene-Miocene) West Crocker Formation and the  Neogene (Early Pliocene) Lingan Submarine Fan System (PhD; Petronas): Abdullah Zakaria
  • Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of tidally influenced sediments in a syn-rift setting (PhD; Statoil): Rachel Kieft
  • Structural and stratigraphic development of salt-influenced rift basins (PDRA, Statoil): Karla Kane
  • High resolution multi-channel seismics within the Hampshire-Dieppe Basin: UK -investigating basin inversion (PhD; English Heritage): Kerry Bushe
  • Backstripping of displacement on normal growth faults (PhD; IC bursary): Ulrike Freitag
  • Controls on fluvial and lacustrine sedimentary facies architecture in evolving salt basins (PhD; Total): Wendy Matthews
  • Morphology and evolution of Pleistocene subglacial tunnel valleys in the North Sea (PhD; IC bursary): Margaret Stewart
  • Reconstructing Pleistocene ice limits in the Central North Sea: implications for climate change (PhD; BGS): Ali Graham
  • Architecture and controls of sinuous submarine channels: Analysis of 3D seismic data, modern channel systems and experimental investigations (Post Doc; NERC MARGINS  & Total)
  • Sedimentology, stratigraphy and facies architecture of shallow marine sandstone reservoirs, Bridport sands (PhD, NERC case & BP): Jenny Morris, now at Statoil.
  • Controls on relay ramp genesis, evolution and breaching (PhD; NERC & CNR): David Dutton, now at BG.
  • The response of turbidite dispersal systems to syn-sedimentary normal fault growth (PhD; Amerada Hess): Karla Kane
  • Sequence stratigraphy and reservoir characterisation of the Columbus Basin and East Venezuela Basin (PhD; NERC & BP):Andrew Bowman, now at BP.
  • Tectonics of the Middle Magdalena Valley and western foothills of the Eastern Cordillera, Colombia (PhD; Ecopetrol and Colciencias)
  • Computer modelling and characterization of intersecting 3D fault networks (PhD; Fina): Dustin Lister, now at Schlumberger.