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AB - The collision, bouncing and potential bursting of air bubbles with air-liquid interfaces are key processes involved in the initial stage of foam formation. While fundamental studies of these processes, especially for gas-liquid-solid froth systems, are very valuable for a better understanding of various chemical engineering separation systems, these are scarce. This paper investigates the dynamics of rising bubbles, without particles attached and with various particle coverages, as they collide with an air-liquid interface. For uncoated bubbles, an increase in distance from the bubble releasing point to the air-liquid interface resulted in higher bubble approach velocities, although with minor changes in the velocity fluctuation frequency. This increase in approach velocity was not observed for bubbles with relatively high particle coverage. For particle-laden bubbles, the collision with the interface is associated with movement of the particles over the surface of the decelerating bubble. This particle motion on the bubble surface, combined with bubble shape pulsation, contributes to the kinetic energy dissipation of the approaching bubble. A damped oscillation model was derived to represent the velocity of the bubble interacting with the interface, which shows that the amplitude of the velocity decreases gradually with the increase in particle coverage. The damping coefficient in the model, introduced to quantify the influence of attached particles, is shown to increase with particle coverage, confirming the key role that particles play in bubble collision dynamics at an air-liquid interface and allowing, for the first time, the prediction of their behavior.
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