Central Themes

  • Integrated reservoir management
  • Integrated field development
  • Reservoir characterisation and simulation
  • Fractured reservoirs
  • Enhanced oil recovery

Research Areas

  • Reservoir characterisation
  • Integrated reservoir geophysics
  • Integrated reservoir management
  • Time-lapse seismic
  • Seismic inversion and imaging
  • Waveform tomography

Current Projects

Seismic ray-impedance inversion

  • Seismic ray-impedance inversion
  • Joint inversion of P-P and P-SV wave data
  • Joint inversion of multiscale seismic data 

Seismic tomography

  • Seismic reflection tomography with full waveform inversion
  • 3D seismic waveform tomography
  • Crosshole seismic tomography  

Reservoir characterization

  • Pore pressure prediction in carbonate reservoirs
  • Reservoir property inversion from prestack seismic data
  • Seismic response of fractured reservoirs
  • Supervised and unsupervised reservoir characterization

Signal and image processing

  • Data-driven algorithms for seismic multiple attenuation
  • Seismic multiple prediction through inversion
  • Time-frequency spectral decomposition and analysis
  • High resolution seismic image with inverse Q filtering 

PhD Opportunities

  • Reservoir characterization by integration of geophysical attributes and petrophysical properties (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang
  • Seismic multiple attenuation (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang 
  • Seismic response of fractured carbonate reservoirs (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang
  • Pore pressure prediction using high-resolution seismic data (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang 
  • High resolution seismic image (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang
  • Seismic inversion and reservoir imaging (geophysics/physics/computational mathematics) - Prof. Y. Wang