Graduated PhD students (2012 onwards)

Stacey Emmerton  2012 Hydrocarbon identification with magnetic minerals
Chris Mark  2013 Tectonic geomorphology
Guiseppi Le Voci  2013 Dynamics of the subduction mantle wedge
Kate Goddard  2013 Ancient sedimentary structures on Mars
Francesca Oggioni  2014 Characterization of catastrophic flood-generated features in the English Channel
Gemma Jones  2014 The influence of active salt tectonics on the development of deepwater slope channel and canyon systems
Byami Jolly  2014 The interaction between deepwater channel systems and growing thrusts and folds, toe-thrust region of the deepwater Niger Delta

Graduated BSc/MSci/Msc students (2012 onwards)

Tanya Buckthorpe 2012 Seismic anisotropy in Brazil: evidence from teleseismic shear wave splitting
Iskandar Haji Masri 2012 Structure and stratigraphic analysis of the Kimmeridge Clay sequence, Weymouth Bay using high-resolution swath bathymetry data
Gus Polisano 2012 Re-processing of 2D sparker seismic data across potential mega-flood features of the English Channel
Sally Scourfield 2012 Inner core growth: determining palaeomagnetic field intensities recorded by Archaean rocks
Jay Shah 2012 Palaeomagnetic investigation of the South Atlantic geomagnetic anomaly using Quaternary Tristan da Cunha lavas
Alexander van Tuyl 2014 Plume or no plume? An exploration of seismic anomalies wit hout volcanism
Emily White 2014 Synthetic thermal structures for the North American continent
Alistair Boyce 2014 The upper mantle beneath SE Canada: evidence from travel-time tomography
Joe Keane 2014 Mantle seismic anisotropy in Cameroon: implications for the development of the Cameroon Volcanic Line
Finn-Illsey Kemp 2014 Receiver function analysis of the crust in SE Canada: implications for Precambrian and Phanerozoic plate tectonics
Claire Lam 2014 Determining the magnetic signature of London’s air pollution
Jacob Mcclellan 2014 The development of mantle anisotropic fabrics beneath NE Brazil:  evidence from seismic anisotropy
Owain Roberts 2014 Geomagnetic field behaviour at high northern latitudes: testing the GAD hypothe sis
Fergus Stoddart 2014 A new magnetic anomaly map of the Lesser Antilles
 Joshua Taylor  2014 Synthetic travel time anomalies of mantle plumes