The aim of JC133 is to deploy 34 Broad-band ocean-bottom seismiometers (BBOBS) across the Lesser Antilles. The instruments are being sourced from the German DEPAS facility and American OBSIP/Scripps facility. The instruments will remain on the seafloor for 15 months recording natural earthquakes before being recovered in May 2017. Underway gravity, magnetic and swath bathymetry will also be collected during the cruise.

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Cruise Dates 

JC132 Docks Wednesday 24 February 2016, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Science Party flight arrival Wednesday 2 March
Rest day/co-ordination                    Thursday 3 March
JC133 Mobilisation Friday 4 March
JC133                                                 Sunday 6 March - Thursday 17 March
JC133 Demobilisation                    Thurs 17 March, St John’s, Antigua
JC134 starts                                        Saturday 19 March
See also the ship-operators timetable here

Cruise Participants

Principal Investigators

  • Jenny Collier
  • Andreas Rietbrock
  • Tin Henstock


Scripps - BBOBS

  • ANother
  • ANother  


Below are links to logistical information and forms for participants of the RSS James Cook Cruise JC133

Health & Safety / Risk Assessment Information

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Full Plan of Ship