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AB - We present results of full-waveform tomographic inversions of four profiles acquired over young intermediate- and fast spreading rate oceanic crust. The mean velocity-depth functions from our study include a 0.25–0.30 km-thick low-velocity, low-gradient region beneath the seafloor overlying a 0.24–0.28-km-thick high-gradient region; together these regions compose seismic layer 2A. Mean layer 2A interval velocities are 3.0–3.2 km/s. The mean depth to the layer 2A/2B boundary is 0.49–0.54 km, and mean velocities within the upper 0.25 km of layer 2B are 4.7–4.9 km/s. Previous velocity analyses of the study areas using 1-D ray tracing underestimate the thickness of the high-gradient region at the base of layer 2A. We observe differences in the waveform inversion velocity models that correspond to imaging of the layer 2A event; regions with a layer 2A event have higher velocity gradients at the base of layer 2A. Intermittent high velocities, which we interpret as massive flows, are observed in the waveform inversion velocity models at 0.05–0.10 km below the seafloor (bsf) over 10–25% of the intermediate-spreading profiles and 20–45% of the fast spreading profiles. The high-gradient region located 0.25–0.54 km bsf at the base of layer 2A may be associated with an increased prevalence of massive flows, the first appearance of dikes (lava-dike transition zone), or with increased crack sealing by hydrothermal products. The upper portion of layer 2B, which begins at 0.49–0.54 km bsf, may correspond to sheeted dikes or the top of the transition zone of lavas and dikes.
AU - Christeson,GL
AU - Morgan,JV
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TI - Shallow oceanic crust: Full waveform tomographic images of the seismic layer 2A/2B boundary
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