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AB - Deep deposits of hydrocarbons, including varied reservoirs of petroleum and natural gas,represent the most economically important component of the deep carbon cycle. Yet despitetheir intensive study and exploitation for more than a century, details of the origins of somedeep hydrocarbons remain a matter of vocal debate in some scientific circles. This long andcontinuing history of controversy may surprise some readers, for the biogenic origins of “fossilfuels”—a principle buttressed by a vast primary scientific literature and established as textbookorthodoxy in North America and many other parts of the world—might appear to be settled fact.Nevertheless, conventional wisdom continues to be challenged by some scientists.The principal objectives of this chapter are: (1) to review the overwhelming evidence for thebiogenic origins of most known deep hydrocarbon reservoirs; (2) to present equally persuasiveexperimental, theoretical, and field evidence that components of some deep hydrocarbondeposits appear to have an abiotic origin; and (3) to suggest future studies that might help toachieve a more nuanced resolution of this sometimes polarized topic.
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