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  • Conference paper
    Almeida TP, Kasama T, Muxworthy AR, Williams W, Hansen TW, Dunin-Borkowski REet al., 2014,

    Visualisation of chemical remanent magnetisation in pseudo-single domain Fe3O4 particles examined by environmental TEM and off-axis electron holography

    , International Microscopy Congress
  • Conference paper
    Shah J, Muxworthy AR, Russell S, Genge Met al., 2014,

    Magnetic remanence of l/ll4 Bjurböle: timing, intensity, and implications (poster)

    , 77th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting
  • Conference paper
    Muxworthy AR, Williams W, Almeida TP, 2014,

    Understanding the effect of chemical alteration on palaeomagnetic signals (invited)

    , The Castle Meeting
  • Journal article
    Muxworthy AR, Krasa D, Williams W, Almeida TPet al., 2014,

    Paleomagnetic recording fidelity of nonideal magnetic systems

    , GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS, Vol: 15, Pages: 2254-2261, ISSN: 1525-2027
  • Conference paper
    Almeida TP, Muxworthy AR, Williiams W, Kasama T, Dunin-Borkowski Ret al., 2014,

    Hydrothermal synthesis, off-axis electron holography and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles

  • Conference paper
    Lam C, Muxworthy AR, Green D, 2014,

    Determining the magnetic signature of London’s air pollution (poster)

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Conference paper
    Roberts O, Muxworthy AR, Mac Niocaill C, Døssing Aet al., 2014,

    High-latitude paleomagnetic and Ar-Ar study of 0-6 Ma lavas from eastern Iceland: Contribution to the time-averaged field initiative (poster)

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Conference paper
    Emmerton S, Muxworthy AR, Sephton MA, 2014,

    Dating hydrocarbon seeps – the Mupe Bay Mystery (poster)

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Conference paper
    Shah J, Muxworthy AR, Matzka J, Leonhardt L, Leitner Met al., 2014,

    Palaeomagnetic evidence for the persistence of the South-Atlantic geomagnetic anomaly

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Conference paper
    Emmerton S, Muxworthy AR, 2014,

    Correlating biodegradation to magnetisation in oil bearing sedimentary rocks (poster)

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Conference paper
    Almeida T, Kasama TP, Muxworthy AR, Williams W, Dunin-Borkowski REet al., 2014,

    Oxidation of pseudo-single domain Fe3O4 particles and associated magnetic response examined by complementary environmental TEM, off-axis electron holography, Mössbauer spectroscopy and SuperSTEM analysis

    , Magnetic Interactions
  • Journal article
    Almeida TP, Kasama T, Muxworthy AR, Williams W, Nagy L, Hansen TW, Brown PD, Dunin-Borkowski Ret al., 2014,

    Visualised effect of oxidation on magnetic recording fidelity in pseudo-single-domain magnetite particles

    , Nature Communications, Vol: 5, ISSN: 2041-1723
  • Journal article
    Almeida TP, Muxworthy A, Williams W, Kasama T, Dunin-Borkowski Ret al., 2014,

    Magnetic characterization of synthetic titanomagnetites: Quantifying the recording fidelity of ideal synthetic analogues

    , Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, Vol: 15, Pages: 161-175
  • Journal article
    Almeida TP, Kasama T, Muxworthy A, Williams W, Nagy L, Dunin-Borkowski REet al., 2014,

    Observing thermomagnetic stability of non-ideal magnetite particles: Good paleomagnetic recorders?

    , Geophysical Research Letters, Vol: DOI: 10.1002/2014GL061432
  • Journal article
    Muxworthy AR, Williams W, Roberts AP, Winklhofer M, Chang L, Posfai Met al., 2013,

    Critical single domain grain sizes in chains of interacting greigite particles: Implications for magnetosome crystals

    , GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS, Vol: 14, Pages: 5430-5441, ISSN: 1525-2027

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