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AB - High-temperature susceptibility (HT-χ) data are routinely measured in Earth, planetary, and environmental sciences to rapidly identify the magnetic mineralogy of natural systems. The interpretation of such data can be complicated. Whilst some minerals are relatively unaltered by heating and are easy to identify through their Curie or Néel temperature, other common magnetic phases, e.g., iron sulphides, are very unstable to heating. This makes HT-χ interpretation challenging, especially in multi-mineralogical samples. Here, we report a review of the HT-χ data measured primarily at Imperial College London of common magnetic minerals found in natural samples. We show examples of “near pure” natural samples, in addition to examples of interpretation of multi-phase HT-χ data. We hope that this paper will act be the first reference paper for HT-χ data interpretation.
AU - Muxworthy,AR
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TI - Interpreting high-temperature magnetic susceptibility data of natural systems
T2 - Frontiers in Earth Science
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