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AB - Flows of multiple fluid phases are common in many subsurface reservoirs. Numerical simulation of these flows can bechallenging and computationally expensive. Dynamic adaptive mesh optimisation and related approaches, such as adaptivegrid refinement can increase solution accuracy at reduced computational cost. However, in models or parts of the modeldomain, where the local Courant number is large, the solution may propagate beyond the region in which the mesh isrefined, resulting in reduced solution accuracy, which can never be recovered. A methodology is presented here to modifythe mesh within the non-linear solver. The method allows efficient application of dynamic mesh adaptivity techniques evenwith high Courant numbers. These high Courant numbers may not be desired but a consequence of the heterogeneity of thedomain. Therefore, the method presented can be considered as a more robust and accurate version of the standard dynamicmesh adaptivity techniques.
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