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AB - We report a new, open-source, MATLAB-based 3D code for numerically simulating the self-potential (SP) in subsurface reservoirs. The code works as a post-processor, using outputs from existing reservoir flow and transport simulators at a selected timestep to calculate the SP throughout the reservoir model. The material properties required to calculate the SP are user defined and may be constant or vary in each cell. The code solves the equations governing flow and transport of electrical charge and global charge conservation using a control-volume-finite-difference scheme. Electrical currents associated with the SP may spread beyond the reservoir model domain, and the code allows for the domain to be extended vertically and laterally to account for this. Here, we present the governing equations and the numerical method used and demonstrate application of the code using an example in which we predict the SP signals associated with oil production from a subsurface reservoir supported by water injection.
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