Members of our group regularly undertake fieldwork, particularly in the Western Interior, USA

Utah 2016

Susie was in Utah for April, teaching on the MSc Petroleum Geoscience field trip


Dorset 2016

The palaeobiology research group were out in force on the Dorset 1st year undergraduate field trip, lead by Mark


Utah 2015

Susie and Chris spent three weeks logging and magnetostratigraphic sampling in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Utah

Cisco overview
Susie logs in the Salt Wash Member at Cisco Landing near Moab


A channel sandstone in the Salt Wash Member at Cisco Landing, near Moab

Dorset 2015

Mark runs the annual 1st year fieldtrip to Dorset, and in 2015 he was ably assisted by Phil and Susie


Undergraduate students examine the Greensand on a sunny day on the Dorset Coast


Western Interior 2014

Chris spent two weeks examining the Mancos Shale at localities across Colorado and Utah, while Susie spent three months logging and magnetostratigraphic sampling in the Upper Jurassic

Excavating the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale, near Kremmling Colorado.
Juana Lopez
Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, near Green River, Utah.
Sauropod tracks
Sauropod trackways in the Morrison Formation, near La Junta, Colorado
mothersdaySusie digs a trench in the Morrison near Bridger, Montana.
horsetoothChris orientates a magnetostratigraphic sample at Horsetooth Reservoir, near Fort Collins, Colorado. 
denverDrilling magnetostratigraphic samples in the Morrison Formation exposed on the I-70 road cut just outside Denver, Colorado.