Micro-CT images of a Bentheimer sandstone and a Estaillades carbonate and sample flow fields in the Forchheimer regime:

See Muljadi et al (2015) [DOI] [PDF download] for more details.

For any queries, please contact Bagus Muljadi: b.muljadi@imperial.ac.uk.

Micro-CT images of a Bentheimer sandstone and a Ketton carbonate rock and the corresponding velocity fields:

Bentheimer sandstoneKetton, carbonate
Bentheimer_image.7z Ketton_image.7z
Bentheimer_Ux.7z Ketton_Ux.7z
Bentheimer_Uy.7z Ketton_Uy.7z
Bentheimer_Uz.7z Ketton_Uz.7z
Bentheimer_p.7z Ketton_p.7z

Velocity fields are obtained by solving the Navier-Stoke equations for incompressible single phase steady-state flow (viscosity=0.001Pa.s, density=1000Kg/m3, pressure drop=1 Pa) on the microCT images.

For any query please contact Branko Bijeljic at b.bijeljic@imperial.ac.uk.

Sandstone and carbonate rock samples scanned dry using Xradia Versa 500 micro-CT scanner at iRocks Technologies, Beijing, China:

ImageRock typeResolution (μm)Size (voxels)
Berea Sandstone 2.7745 10243
Doddington Sandstone 2.7745 10243
Estaillades Limestone 2.6825 10243
Ketton Limestone 2.654 10243

These samples are segmented according to the variation of CT contrast between rock and pore space using multi-thresholding based on Otsu’s algorithm (Otsu, 1979).

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