Research code repository:

Welcome to our Pore-Scale research group's code repository! We are excited to share our work with the broader community and foster collaboration and transparency in our research endeavours. 

Access Updated Versions on GitHub:

For the latest and most up-to-date versions of our codes, please visit our GitHub repository by clicking on the following link: GitHub Repository 

Download a Copy

In addition to the online version on GitHub, we are providing a downloadable copy of our code for your convenience:


Network Extraction Codes


Two phase network modelling code


Network Generator


Non-Newtonian network modelling code


Three phase network modelling code



Direct single-phase flow simulation


Direct two-phase flow simulation



In-situ contact angle measurement



Pore-scale image generation using neural networks



Streamline codes


Analytical solutions of imbibition



Reaktoro reaction modelling library


NMR simulation codes