#INWED20 #ShapeTheWorld

Paper fortune teller

Tuesday 23rd June is the annual celebration of International Women in Engineering Day, an international campaign of visibility, which aims to raise the profile of women engineers and encourage more people to consider engineering as a profession for all.

This year's theme is #ShapeTheWorld. Usually, we'd be in College this week, collecting photos and messages from staff and undergraduate and postgraduate students to fill our social media, but as we're all apart across the world right now, we're going to try to shape something different, and something truly international...

You'll need a piece of paper...


Can you help share the message on 23 June?

What do you call these folding paper shapes?

The education team in EEE remember them variously as Fortune Tellers, Clackers, Chatterboxes — but designing and making one of these seems to be something we've all done in the classroom, whatever our age and wherever in the world we went to school.

They are simple interactive games that allow you to go through a process and end with a fact or a question. Best of all, they're easy to make, very low cost, and you can design them to start a conversation in any subject.

Our school theme this year is also a reminder to all our women students that 23rd June is also the deadline to nominate a secondary school teacher for the department's Igniting Sparks Award!

How to take part

  • Design and make a 'Fortune Teller' — this can be something as beautifully simple, or as detailed and elaborate as your time allows.
  • Do your own thing! You could use it to tell your engineering story, to share a project you've been working on to Shape The World, to show us what being an engineer means to you, or send a simple message of encouragement to the next generation of women engineers.
  • Feel free to download a pdf template, the design and materials can be anything you choose.
  • Send us a photo, or even make a little video, share it with us any time this week, with a short message, and we'll post on our social media channels on Tuesday 23 June. Email your posts to Emma Rainbow
  • Don't forget to tell us where in the world you are!
  • It's always great to have support from our male allies, so anyone can join in.