The College exercises its responsibilities for the regultation, quality insurance, and superintendance of education through its academic governance structure.

Examinations and Assessment

Layout of exam papers

Special structure for 1st and 2nd year exams only

All 1st and 2nd year papers will have three questions.  Question 1 must have 40% weight of total marks.  It must have wide coverage.  Question 2 and 3 must be detailed and each with 30% weight.

Exam cover page

Do not produce your own cover page. The cover page for your exam paper will be given to you by the Education Office. Please check the content and return to the Education Office.

Exam comment exchange with external examiners

Please use the link below in order to read and respond to external examiner comments. You will be asked for your Imperial login details.

For Sentry access please go to the Departmental Intranet

Marking instructions

Marking schedule and other key dates

Release of exam mark information to students

At the start of each academic year a document will be published (under grades/what is the average module mark and what moderation has been applied this academic year?) showing the average mark and standard deviation for all modules taught by the Department, along  with details of how moderation was carried out and which modules were moderated.  You will need your College login and password is needed to access this information.

Where a module was taken by 5 or fewer students, the number of students and the average mark have been redacted and replaced with an asterisk to avoid potential identification of individuals


Second marking instructions for coursework (not projects)

Imperial College London's Late Submission Policy

Imperial College's Late Submission Policy


Any plagiarism suspected in any coursework (or exam) submitted for assessment should be considered by the Department Plagiarism Committee, which is chaired by Danilo Mandic. The Plagiarism Committee Secretary is Kate Farrar.

 If you suspect plagiarism you should do the following:

  1. Assemble evidence –
    • student name and CID,
    • submitted file, turnitin report,
    • statement of the significance of plagiarism

 2. Pass the evidence to Kate Farrar (EEE Plagiarism Committee Secretary) in the Education Support Office who will:

    • contact the student for a statement
    • call a meeting of the committee to consider the evidence and decide the penalty based on the College
    • communicate outcome of meeting to student and, where relevant, Registry.

 Plagiarism allegations need to be reconciled before marks for modules are finalised and considered at the Board of Examiners Meeting. For this reason, please could you forward any suspected cases of plagiarism or collusion as soon as possible.

Plagiarism Form  

(Please find the form under the “Academic Integrity” tab in the “Forms” section)