• Our theoretical work in control is centred on robust and optimal control, data fusion, nonlinear systems, stochastic modelling, systems identification and distributed parameter systems.
  • Our theoretical work in power systems is centred on solutions to optimized network planning that account for the stochastic nature of actors in a smart grid and the characteristics of new power electronic technologies.
  • We apply our fundamental work in control and power to:
    • the design of onshore and offshore transmission networks;
    • distributed control and constraint management in distribution networks;
    • design and control of modular multi-level power converters;
    • modelling and optimisation of wireless power transfer and energy harvesters;
    • the modelling and stability analysis of land and sea vehicles;
    • the stabilisation of large flexible structures. 


Power Electronics

The research of the CAP Group in Power Electronics covers the control, conversion, transmission and harvesting of electric power. Special focus is devoted to High Voltage DC technologies and wireless power transfer systems.

Active research projects in Power Electronics: