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  • Journal article
    Devillers B, Guenduez D, 2012,

    A general framework for the optimization of energy harvesting communication systems with battery imperfections

    , Journal of Communications and Networks, Vol: 14, Pages: 130-139, ISSN: 1229-2370

    Energy harvesting has emerged as a powerful technology for complementing current battery-powered communication systems in order to extend their lifetime. In this paper a general framework is introduced for the optimization of communication systems in which the transmitter is able to harvest energy from its environment. Assuming that the energy arrival process is known non-causally at the transmitter, the structure of the optimal transmission scheme, which maximizes the amount of transmitted data by a given deadline, is identified. Our framework includes models with continuous energy arrival as well as battery constraints. A battery that suffers from energy leakage is studied further, and the optimal transmission scheme is characterized for a constant leakage rate.

  • Conference paper
    Lee K, Kim TK, Demiris Y, 2012,

    Learning Reusable Task Components using Hierarchical Activity Grammars with Uncertainties

    , St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1994-1999

    We present a novel learning method using activity grammars capable of learning reusable task components from a reasonably small number of samples under noisy conditions. Our linguistic approach aims to extract the hierarchical structure of activities which can be recursively applied to help recognize unforeseen, more complicated tasks that share the same underlying structures. To achieve this goal, our method 1) actively searches for frequently occurring action symbols that are subset of input samples to effectively discover the hierarchy, and 2) explicitly takes into account the uncertainty values associated with input symbols due to the noise inherent in low-level detectors. In addition to experimenting with a synthetic dataset to systematically analyze the algorithm's performance, we apply our method in human-led imitation learning environment where a robot learns reusable components of the task from short demonstrations to correctly imitate more complicated, longer demonstrations of the same task category. The results suggest that under reasonable amount of noise, our method is capable to capture the reusable structures of tasks and generalize to cope with recursions.

  • Journal article
    Jain A, Guenduez D, Kulkarni SR, Poor HV, Verdu Set al., 2012,

    Energy-Distortion Tradeoffs in Gaussian Joint Source-Channel Coding Problems

    , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, Vol: 58, Pages: 3153-3168, ISSN: 0018-9448
  • Book chapter
    Kim T-K, Cipolla R, 2012,

    Multiple Classifier Boosting and Tree-Structured Classifiers

    , Machine Learning for Computer Vision, Editors: Cipolla, Battiato, Farinella, Publisher: Springer, ISBN: 9783642286605
  • Journal article
    Murillo J, Lopez B, Munoz V, Busquets Det al., 2012,


    , COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, Vol: 28, Pages: 24-50, ISSN: 0824-7935
  • Conference paper
    Estella Aguerri I, Gunduz D, 2012,

    Capacity of a Class of Relay Channels with State

    , IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 277-281
  • Journal article
    Blasco P, Gunduz D, Dohler M, 2012,

    A Learning Theoretic Approach to Energy Harvesting Communication System Optimization

    , 2012 IEEE GLOBECOM WORKSHOPS (GC WKSHPS), Pages: 1657-1662, ISSN: 2166-0069
  • Conference paper
    Sanderson D, Busquets D, Pitt J, 2012,

    A Micro-Meso-Macro Approach to Intelligent Transportation Systems

    , 6th IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems Workshops (SASO), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 77-82, ISSN: 1949-3673
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Budvytis I, Cipolla R, 2012,

    Making a Shallow Network Deep: Conversion of a Boosting Classifier into a Decision Tree by Boolean Optimisation

    , International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol: 100, Pages: 203-215
  • Conference paper
    Lent R, Minero M, North R, Barria Jet al., 2012,

    Evaluating Mobility Models in Participatory Sensing

    , ACM international workshop on Mission-oriented wireless sensor networking, Publisher: ACM, Pages: 3-8
  • Journal article
    Murillo J, Munoz V, Busquets D, Lopez Bet al., 2011,

    Schedule coordination through egalitarian recurrent multi-unit combinatorial auctions

    , APPLIED INTELLIGENCE, Vol: 34, Pages: 47-63, ISSN: 0924-669X
  • Patent
    Cho I, Kim T, 2011,

    Apparatus and method for providing security in a base or mobile station by using detection of face information

    , US7864988
  • Conference paper
    Estella Aguerri I, Gunduz D, 2011,

    Distortion Exponent in Fading MIMO Channels with Time-Varying Side Information

    , IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 548-552
  • Conference paper
    Cocco G, Ibars C, Guenduez D, Herrero ODRet al., 2011,

    Collision Resolution in Multiple Access Networks with Physical-Layer Network Coding and Distributed Fountain Coding

    , IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3120-3123, ISSN: 1520-6149
  • Conference paper
    Devillers B, Guenduez D, 2011,

    Energy Harvesting Communication System with Battery Constraint and Leakage

    , IEEE GLOBECOM Workshops (GC Wkshps), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 383-388, ISSN: 2166-0069
  • Conference paper
    Estella Aguerri I, Gunduz D, 2011,

    Expected Distortion with Fading Channel and Side Information Quality

    , IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Publisher: IEEE, ISSN: 1550-3607
  • Conference paper
    Chen Y, Kim T-K, Cipolla R, 2011,

    Silhouette-based Object Phenotype Recognition using 3D Shape Priors

    , Int. Conference on Computer Vision
  • Journal article
    Kim T-K, Stenger B, Kittler J, Cipolla Ret al., 2011,

    Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis Using Sufficient Spanning Sets and Its Applications

    , International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol: 91, Pages: 216-233
  • Book chapter
    Lent R, Barria J, 2011,

    Towards Reliable Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    , Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: Protocol Design, Pages: 99-120, ISBN: 978-953-307-402-3
  • Journal article
    Yang Q, Barria JA, Green TC, 2011,

    Communication Infrastructures for DistributedControl of Power Distribution Networks

    , IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol: 7, Pages: 316-327, ISSN: 1551-3203
  • Journal article
    Garcia-Trevino E, Barria JA, 2011,

    Online wavelet-based density estimation for non stationary streaming data

    , Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Vol: 56, Pages: 327-344, ISSN: 0167-9473
  • Journal article
    Barria JA, Thajchayapong S, 2011,

    Detection and classification of traffic anomalies using microscopic traffic variables

    , IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Pages: 1-10, ISSN: 1524-9050
  • Conference paper
    Estella Aguerri I, Gunduz D, 2011,

    Wireless source transmission with time-varying side information

    , Pages: 372-372
  • Journal article
    Liu N, Guenduez D, Goldsmith AJ, Poor HVet al., 2010,

    Interference Channels With Correlated Receiver Side Information

    , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, Vol: 56, Pages: 5984-5998, ISSN: 0018-9448
  • Conference paper
    Thajchayapong S, Barria JA, Garcia-Trevino E, 2010,

    Lane-level traffic estimations using microscopic traffic variables

    , Proceedings of 13th IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1189-1194
  • Conference paper
    Bofill M, Busquets D, Villaret M, 2010,

    A declarative approach to robust weighted Max-SAT

    , PPDP '10: Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, Publisher: ACM
  • Patent
    Hwang W, Kim T, 2010,

    Face recognition apparatus and method using PCA learning per subgroup

    , US7734087
  • Conference paper
    Kim T-K, Stenger B, Woodley T, Cipolla Ret al., 2010,

    Multiple Classifier Boosting for Object Tracking

    , IEEE CVPR workshop on Online Learning for Computer Vision
  • Journal article
    Gunduz D, Khojastepour MAA, Goldsmith A, Poor HVet al., 2010,

    Multi-Hop MIMO Relay Networks: Diversity-Multiplexing Trade-off Analysis

    , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, Vol: 9, Pages: 1738-1747, ISSN: 1536-1276
  • Journal article
    Nayak J, Tuncel E, Gunduz D, Erkip Eet al., 2010,

    Successive Refinement of Vector Sources Under Individual Distortion Criteria

    , IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, Vol: 56, Pages: 1769-1781, ISSN: 0018-9448

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