The Department has an active student body who are helpful in assisting us in the development of the services and teaching we provide. The Undergraduate Student/Staff Committee is an important part of this feedback process.

Terms of Reference, Membership and Meeting Dates

Terms of Reference

The Student Staff Committee meetings take place twice a term, and serve as the main platform for student-elected reps to present feedback on their experience of studying in the department. 

The meetings are chaired by one of the student representatives, minutes are taken by the Education Office Administrator, and actions are assigned accordingly. Agenda items that arise during the meetings will be addressed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Year Organisers, the Senior Tutor, and the Education Office Manager. 

Procedures of the Departmental SSCM follow the Staff Student Committee Guidelines.



Group email EEE reps:

Group email EIE reps:

Departmental Reps 2023-2024

Departmental Academic Rep (EEE) Jacob Larcombe

Departmental Academic Rep (EIE) Daniel Coroama

Departmental Wellbeing Rep (EEE) Aishwarya Anand

Departmental Wellbeing Rep (EIE) Ishaan Reni

 Year Reps 2023-2024





Meeting dates 2023-24

  • 15 November 2023
  • 12 December 2023
  • 23 January 2024
  • 12 March 2024

Raising concerns

If there is a matter that you would like to be raised at the meeting, please contact your elected student year representative. They will then raise the matter either with the module leader, or one of the staff members of the committee. 

Urgent matters should be referred directly to the reps, who will deal with them outside of the meeting.  They will then report on what happened at the next committee meeting.