Please use the Celcat Calendar to search by module, and by year group or sub-group. 

How to use the Celcat Calendar timetable:

First year undergraduates: Search by module or year group or sub-group.  You should look at the timetable for your sub-group eg A1, B3 as it will show what is relevant to you.

Visiting / Erasmus / Exchange / students: You can select from 3rd and 4th year modules, so there is no single timetable available for you, therefore you will need to search by each individual module.

MSc students: In the ‘Please select:’ dropdown box you should select ‘Groups’. Then select your MSc Course. The abbreviations are as follows:

  • EE-MScA (Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design)
  • EE-MScAML (Applied Machine Learning)
  • EE-MScC (Control Systems)
  • EE-MScCSP (Communications and Signal Processing)
  • EE-MScFPN (Future Power Networks)

Other ways to access your timetable

Imperial Mobile App - You can set up your personalised, up-to-date, course timetable using the Imperial Mobile App. This will show you your registed modules and group events, but is not searchable like Celcat.

Timetable iCalendar Feed - You can also access this timetable on your phone, online calendar etc. by using the Timetable iCalendar Feed. Visit the Timetable iCalendar feed link, add in your email address and press Submit to receive a unique link to your timetable.