The Disability Advisory Service offers confidential advice and support to students with disabilities. This includes students who have, for example, a specific learning difficulty or an enduring physical or mental health condition.

Emma Rainbow is the Department's disabilities officer and we encourage any applicants or offer holders who feel that they may need support during their studies due to physical impairment, learning disabilities such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, conditions such as asperger's syndrome, or mental health problems to contact her to discuss the support the Department and College can provide.

Colour vision defects should not prevent you from successfully completing the course.  This IET Factsheet on colour vision in the workplace answers some of the common questions asked by people who think they may have some form of colour vision defect.

Competency standards

The Department is keen to ensure that all students are able to undertake and benefit from the course.

The following document defines the competency standards for incoming students to the Department and identifies where there is scope for 'reasonable adjustments' in those standards to allows students with disabilities to undertake our degree programmes.

Competency standards EEE UG courses

Each competency identified is accompanied by a statement of the purpose of the competency and any reasonable adjustments.