Delicate Landscapes

About This Challenge Team

This project covers the science of global environmental change, in general, with particular focus on how the environmental and ecological impacts of a changing climate is predicted to impact the planet. To inform and engage our audience about the impact of global climate change we use a variety of media with a focus on famous landscape paintings. The use of paintings will help i) illustrate the changes that this global phenomenon will have on our planet and ii) create impactful images that the audience will be able to relate to given many of the paintings used have been are familiar in a popular sense for many decades (i.e. the Mona Lisa, van Gogh).

Team Members

Alistair Boyce (Cohort 1)
Minyi Liang (Cohort 1)
Renato Cabral (Cohort 2)
Eirik Christensen (Cohort 3)
Daniel Hdidouan (Cohort 2)
Paul Huxley (Cohort 3)
Alison Cobb (Cohort 3)
Ashley Reaney (Cohort 3)
Daniel Swindlehurst (Cohort 3)
Simon De Sterke (Cohort 1)
Michael Burgass (Cohort 1)
Stephen Watkins (Cohort 1)

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