Equality, diversity and inclusion  

Climate change and environmental issues are some of the biggest challenges of our time. Its effects are felt globally, but unevenly. All elements of society need to come together to work on solutions in environmental science and beyond to ensure a fair process which considers all different outlooks and motivations. 

The Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet Doctoral Partnership (SSCP DTP) aspires for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to be the core value of our community of students, staff, supervisors, and stakeholders. We actively aim to diversify our community, nurture an inclusive environment and ensure that students find our PhD programme accessible.  

Below are details of the actions that the SSCP DTP is taking to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our EDI approaches are informed by the student-led EDI committee 

The SSCP DTP is based at the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment: information on the approach to EDI at the Grantham Institute can be seen here. 

 As a PhD student, you may also want to look at the Wellbeing Resources page. 


  • All staff members are required to complete EDI and Unconscious Bias training. 
  • All Board members are required to complete EDI and Unconscious Bias training. 
  • All supervisors are required to complete EDI training and specific supervisor training to ensure effective student-supervisor partnerships  


  • Advertise our opportunities widely, including via BBSTEM and the UK Universities Climate Network, to help recruit a diverse talent pool 
  • The recruitment description is run through Textio to ensure gender- and age- neutral language. 
  • Provide top tips to applicants to support them in the process. The tips also encourage applicants to contact supervisors, staff, or current PhDs with queries. 
  • Anonymise and remove reference to gender in documentation submitted by applicants for PhD projects, prior to the candidate selection stage.  
  • Address pipeline issues through working on outreach activities with schools and the local communities, including engagement through summer schools. 
  • Utilise Research Experience Placements (REPs) to address demographic and diversity-related challenges in the environmental sciences via paid undergraduate placements.  
  • Top ups have been provided previously to students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. 
  • All students who complete a REP with the SSCP DTP and apply for a PhD project with us will be interviewed.  


  • All PhD students complete EDI training during their induction week 
  • Challenge Team projects are designed to incorporate EDI and provide outreach possibilities. The students work with White City to engage with the local community, with a view to expanding pipeline for applications from diverse backgrounds. 
  • The joint DTP conference organises events with an EDI focus. 
  • We have established a Women in STEM seminar series which is compulsory for PhD students. 
  • The DTP aims to make training as accessible as possible. This includes hybrid events. 
  • Feedback is requested after training and management responds to suggestions. 
  • For the Women in STEM seminar series, the Changing Planet Seminar series, DTP organised events and training, representation of speakers is a key factor. 


  • The DTP collects statistics on current PhDs and applicants to the programme. This assists the DTP in identifying potential barriers and where there can be improvements.   
  • Students are asked to complete Exit Interviews when they complete their PhD.  

Student-led EDI Committee 

The student-led EDI committee meet regularly to review the SSCP DTP’s progress in terms of EDI and discuss organising new initiatives to this end. More details can be found here.