The Education EDI committee established itself in 2019 and is comprised of Research Postgraduates discussing initiatives regarding EDI within the SSCP DTP. The committee meets on a monthly basis.

If you’re interested in joining please contact us through

The current committee is comprised of the following people. Feel free to contact them about EDI issues within the DTP. 

Student EDI Committee

Jennifer Marsh

I am a PhD student in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. Throughout my time as an undergraduate and postgraduate student I have taught and mentored students from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. These experiences have allowed me to understand the importance of providing less advantaged students with the materials and opportunities to succeed. I joined the committee so that I can help drive progress forward to make the science community a more equal, diverse, and inclusive space.

Lucrezia Slinn

I am a PhD student in soil ecology, and am excited to be a part of the EDI committee. I believe it is essential that we foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the faculty, and offer support wherever it is needed.

Neel Le Penru

I am grateful to have contributed to the SSCP DTP’s Education EDI committee since shortly after commencing my PhD in ecoacoustics (the analysis of natural soundscapes) in late 2021. I believe equity and diversity in academia are vital in order to deliver just, innovative and necessary change in response to the climate and environmental crises.

Sanjeevani Panditharatne

I am a PhD student in the Department of Physics working on retrieving the properties of cirrus clouds from satellite observations in support of the ESA FORUM mission. Within the EDI committee, I’m in charge of maintaining our Wellbeing Resources which involves clear signposting to the available support for all members of Grantham. I believe that research and EDI go hand in hand bringing more minds to collaborate on ever growing areas of study. Providing opportunities and enabling an inclusive environment is fundamental to not only the science, but all the people involved.

Theo Brook

I’m a first year PhD student in Life Sciences and a member of the SSCP DTP (Cohort 9). I’m excited to work with the EDI committee to help ensure that the DTP, the Grantham Institute, and the College more broadly, are as inclusive as possible. Diversity in all its wonderful forms is incredibly important to science; without it we will be unable to tackle the urgent issues facing society and the environment.